Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 10 03 Completely Overwhelmed Again

Stupid ADD. So completely flustered I have no idea where to start...

*financial problems

*potty training

*due to above haven't left the house (except for church Sunday which resulted in two "accidents")

*baby's skin problems - wicked eczema - that we can't get under control

*have to start teaching in two weeks and have nothing prepared

*after four straight nights last week of staying up past midnight to study had my first test last Friday only to have to start all over again and read more, watch recorded lectures, and take notes for another test in 3 weeks

* my mom's coming this Sunday for three days

* suppose to stay on diet

* suppose to be going to weight class Monday nights, Bible school Tuesday nights, midweek services Wednesday nights and still be able to cook at home each night (since we can't eat out) and get all the above done.

*my usual help (my in-laws) are out of the picture this week as my MIL is 11 days post-op from a knee replacement

* can't seem to find time to pray or read my Bible while one or the other kid is up screaming or crying for something most of the day lately (going potty, hungry, teething, you name it) and into the night (see above and add recent nightmares) *sigh*

Lord, help me!

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