Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

I dug this out of my Works for Me Wednesday archives because my brain is completely consumed by planning for our should-be-six-but-with-kids-it-will-be-eight-hour trip to the Upper Peninsula on Friday. LOL

So, we're struggling around here lately with Pojke and Round Two of "which shoes go on which feet?" So, I tried the same idea with him as I did with Flicka.

I took a permanent marker and drew two small smiley faces on each of the arch areas/ inside edges of the soles of his shoes. Then, I told him that when he put his shoes on to make sure that the smiley faces were facing each other so they could "kiss" and say goodbye before we left! LOL

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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Product of Praise - part three

Two weeks ago, our pastor preached a sermon entitle The Product of Praise. I wanted to share the notes with everyone but life's broadsided me lately and I only got part one and part two completed - leaving me just over halfway done.

The sermon centered on the text of 1 Chronicles 4:1 and here it is in NKJV:

The sons of Judah [were] Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal.

And, the sons of Judah are sons (and daughters) of PRAISE!

Part one explained the type of praise Perez symbolized (a "breach" thus God is in complete control and stands in that breach to keep the things from doing you harm).

Meanwhile, part two described the type of praise embodied by Hezron (a"shield" thus when the devil tries to flood into your life, the Lord will lift up a standard or a shield) and Carmi (a "harvester" or one who didn't plant but just reaped thus through your praise, God will cause blessing that you don't even deserve to come your way).

Now, what kind of praise to we find in Hur?

Hur means "liberty". This is the liberty found when God removes your past. And, we need to remember that it doesn't matter what anyone says about you - the WORD OF GOD is all that matters. And, you need to understand that prasie is your weapon against those who want you to live as you did before Christ pardoned your sin.

Finally, Shobal means "wandered, traveler, pioneer." One must find God's peace with your moving circumstances...and find that right peace at the right time. There is POWER in your praise and praise will lift you out of and above your circumstances.

So, I'm still trying to remember...you gotta praise your way out! In the midst of your circumstance, the the midst of your confusion, in the midst of your crisis, you have to give God praise!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Never thought of this as a Tuesday Tip or a Works For Me Wednesday idea but when someone suggested I share the idea, I thought "why not?"

Flicka's grandma bought her grandaughter a camera last year. And, Flicka promptly did something to make it stop working. So, we returned it and downgraded her to something less expensive but added a digital frame to the bill so she could see the pictures she took.

That digital frame is now Flicka's night light. And, every couple of months, I format the little 64K memory card we gave her that no longer worked with something of ours and dump some new photos on there. She gets such a kick out it and it's always good for a week or two of her trying to stay awake 'til the end of the new set.

And, it warms my momma heart knowing she falls asleep looking at goofy family pictures she, her daddy, or I took.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

I've been trying to focus on my pastor's message last Sunday that I've gotta praise my way through and be a son/daughter of Judah. So, I've been making a point each day to praise Him for the things I come across in my daily travels. But, with it being Thursday and all, here's my "official" list for today! LOL

*great teachers at Flicka's dance camp - she's having a ball! Can't wait to see all she's learned tomorrow!

*great "camp counselors" at our city's summer rec program. Flicka's been the last two days and has had a blast.

*a sweet church buddy who loaned us her 6-year-old's ballet tights and shoes for Flicka's dance camp...which saved me much worry and much money!

*Pastie Day 2009. Over 300 pasties made with the extended female Viking crew in a 24 hour period and at $3.50 each that's over $1000 raised for this year's Relay For Life!

*Speaking of Relay For Life, can I get a praise-the-Lord that my sister-in-law is now 398 days post stem cell transplant and 314 days CANCER-FREE!?

*And, speaking of the extended female Viking crew, I have me some AWESOME sisters-in-law!

*And, remembering my Celtic side, I have me some pretty cool little sisters as well...both of whom I pray for often.

*our library's (and the library-the-next-town-over's) summer reading program. They have just ROCKED out an amazing schedule of cool stuff to do this summer with the kids.

*a BIG praise that DaHub's got put back up to 40 hrs/week...financially it's great news but scholastically it's a lot more pressure.

*a new battery for the minivan seems to have cured a plethora of nagging little problems (thank you emergency fund!) Now, if I could just keep the tires from developing slow leaks! Grrr.

*someone from church who wishes to remain anonymous blessed Pojke (and us) by buying him his first big-boy bike!

*I was incredibly blessed by a concert I attended last Friday by The King's Brass at a local church. It's the second time I've seen them and they're even better than last year!

*and, finally, I was thrilled with the turnout for our block party meeting last Saturday. As the one spearheading this, it's always more encouraging when someone actually CARES enough to show up! LOL Can't wait to see what August 15th holds in store!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Product of Praise - part two

(see part one here)

To recap, our pastor preached on "The Product of Praise" last Sunday using 1 Chronicles 4.1:

The sons of Judah [were] Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal.

“Judah” according to Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary means “praise.” So the sons (and daughters) of Judah are children of PRAISE! And, each one of Judah’s sons embodies a lesson about praise.

I mentioned Perez on Monday.

"Praise is permeated with productive power!"

The next son of Judah is Hezron. Hezron means shut in, surround, or shield. God is our Jehovah Magen - the Lord, our Shield! When the devil tries to flood into your life, the Lord will lift up a standard or a shield. He's declaring war on your behalf, defending you!

"Sometimes you have to praise your way out of the lion's den!" The Lord's got your back so to speak.

And, the third son of Judah is Carmi - which is a vinedresser or harvester. These folks were not farmers who planted, tended, and then reaped their crops. They were simply the ones who harvested what they had not planted.

"Through your praise, God will cause blessing that you don't even deserve to come your way."

In 12 Minutes

In the twelve minute drive from our home to dance camp this morning, I was asked ALL of the following...

Mom, where does weather come from?

Mom, where does rain come from?

Where do garbage trucks go after they pick up our junk?

What's recycling?

Why does a bee sting hurt?

Then, why does a mosquito bite itch?

Mom, what do bees eat?

What do butterflies eat?

*sigh* Who would've thunk I would need an advanced degree in meteorology, ecology, environmental sciences, and entomology to drive from one end of town to the other? LOL

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

In our pre-Viking lives, DaHubby and I have been known to do our fair share of camping - particularly DaHubby's 7-10 day seriously rustic canoe trips through Minnesota's Boundary Waters. One of those trips was a tad less strenuous since he spent 7 days in a cabin with no phone, no TV, no running water and no other electricity with ME for our honeymoon! LOL

Our dream was to train up the Vikings with our love of camping. We haven't been particularly successful so far! LOL But, we're still looking at some camping trips around here soon. And, I was searching the ol 'Net looking for a "recipe" for the firestarters my best friend told me about years ago. I found it but I found something else cool as well:

Girl Scout Sterno

"I was a girl scout and we made our own 'sterno' cans with some old candle wax- or paraffin- and some coiled up corrugated cardboard- recycled- and placed inside an old tuna can. Light a match and catch the cardboard on fire with it and viola! you have FREE sterno- we made the cook top part with a recycled coffee can (large) turned upside down. The part that was removed to empty out the coffee grounds was now the bottom. With tin snips we cut a 'door' on the side of the open end of the can- used the bottom of the can- now the top- as a cooking surface- and a church key to punch some triangle shaped holes in the side under the lip of the cooking surface to vent. Worked awesome!"

Dryer Lint Fire Starters

"If you want to pack away some firestarters for camping or ‘just in case’ you get stuck in the bush when backpacking or biking, fill the holes of an empty egg carton with sawdust, or dryer lint, or fabric scraps. Pour melted wax over each and let cool. Store in sealed ziploc bags."

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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Product of Praise - part one

I wanted to share the notes I have from my pastor’s message on Sunday. Mostly as a reminder to me but in the hopes that someone else might benefit too.

The main Scripture for Pastor’s sermon was 1 Chronicles 4:1 and here it is in NKJV:

The sons of Judah [were] Perez, Hezron, Carmi, Hur, and Shobal.

Nothing particularly earth-shattering there, eh? But, Pastor took us deeper.

“Judah” according to Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary means “praise.” So the sons (and daughters) of Judah are children of PRAISE!

And, what do the folks of the Bible do under stress or in threatening or trying situations? They PRAISE – just ask Paul and Silas! LOL According to Pastor, “sometimes you have to praise your way out of the lions’ den.”

Each one of Judah’s son embodies a lesson about praise.

First in that list is Perez which means breach, cut off, or divider. According to John 10.10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have [it] more abundantly. So, God makes a breach between you and the things holding you back. He's the fortification between you and the things that can hurt you.

God is in complete control and is standing in that breach to keep the things the devil is throwing at you from doing you harm. His protective arm and His mighty wings cover you when you don’t even realize it…

So…PRAISE HIM for it! No matter what is going on - PRAISE HIM! Take a glance at the things which are causing you grief and worry and PRAISE HIM!

"Praise is permeated with productive power!"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Let try this again...

OK, so I said before that I was done being overweight...but a lot has happened since then. This could be somewhat apparent in my lack of blog post creation. And, that was seven weeks ago.

I've been off the wagon dealing with the multiple curve balls Mr. Murphy (as in Murphy's Law) has been throwing at us. No area of our lives have remained untouched by random strange and/or unsettling occurrences other than DaHubby's and the Vikings' health.

I, on the other hand, have been a mess. Suffice it to say that juggling chainsaws would have been easier on me. DaHub's work. DaHub's school. Financial worries. A health issue roller coaster including a false alarm pregnancy, then possible early menopause, then several blood tests and screenings, to a probable diagnosis of insulin dependence. In the midst of that, my yearly "girl exam" came due. I was such a mess at my last appointment that my primary doc suggested anti-anxiety meds which were supposedly safe with my ADD meds.

As these last few weeks have gone by, it's occurred to me that every. single. problem. I deal with physically has to do with my weight. Sleep problems. Back pain. Plantar fasciitis. Digestion issues. Girl problems. And, several other seemingly random things. All could be cured by dropping 70 pounds. Oddly enough, that's a 8 lb/year gain since I got married. *sigh* It doesn't sound like a lot but it has added up to daily pain that I don't need to have.

Enough is enough.

So, I'm back on the wagon...again. And, I've lost 3 pounds in the week since my last doctor's appointment. Three down; 67 to go!

Wordless Wednesday: Herbivore or Carnivore?

From our day at the kids' museum! LOL

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Challenges of Having Adult ADD

Blurting things out
Clutter-physical leading to mental and emotional
Emotional self-flagellation
Forgetting things
Getting lost
Hypersensitivity in relationships
Impatient, impulsive, distractive
Lacking attention/ wandering mind
Losing concentration during conversation
Losing things
Negative self-talk
Never finishes jobs
Often occupied with self or easily distracted so difficult to maintaining Concentration
Organizational problems
Over talkative
Time management
Unfocused, disorganized, forgetful

Sounds like a regular day around here! LOL I exhibit nearly all 26 everyday! *wink*

(list from Pete Quily - adult ADD coach)

Tuesday Tip Jar

The sand table we built a few weeks ago has been a big success. But, there was still one problem...custom sandboxes don't come with a cover. And, a cover is important in a neighborhood with cats *ahem* LOL

As we were picking up the yard one day, I was emptying a small dollar store type blow-up pool that my mom sent to the Vikings. Now, I'm no expert and DaHubby will tell you I can't estimate size or length worth a darn (LOL) but I did notice something.

That $1 pool fit *right* over the sand table!

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Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Vikings do Rich Mullins

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Viking Ingenuity - updated

This down the street...

...has inspired *this* in my driveway! LOL

No signs. No money. But, plenty of hope. :) Wonder how long she'll sit there? LOL

Anyone need broken trucks and old clothes pins? *wink*

Flicka's figured out she needs signs plus she wants to sell all her "art work" that I save. So, I'm off to help with signs.

I'm just hoping our city's inspector doesn't see her and give us a ticket for not having a permit for a garage sale! LOL

Thursday Thanks Tank

I am DETERMINED to get this posted today! LOL I've sketched out notes on my to-do list during the last 3-4 Thursdays while I'm running errands, sitting at classes, playing at the park, waiting at appointments, etc. intending to type something out "later" but they never seem to make it back here to the blog. And, with all that's going on around here lately, it's hard to make a list that would make sense and isn't filled with seemingly non-sequitur-like things. But, I'm just gonna jump in with both feet and go for it.

I'm thankful for DaHubby's hard work and for making the President's List (all A's) for winter semester.

I'm thankful that despite it taking him away from us even more that his program administrators feel DaHubby's such an excellent student that they're paying him to tutor his classmates.

I'm thankful that DaHubby still seems completely enamored with his new field of study - even after a really hard and demanding first year. One year down; one year to go.

I'm extremely thankful for a new little gadget that DaHubby installed on the minivan that keeps me safe from a malfunctioning battery that can now be replaced more on our schedule as opposed to as an emergency event.

I'm thankful that nearly all of my recent blood work came back completely normal...including a 184 cholesterol score and a great thyroid score! (Thyroid problems annoy every generation of females in my family.)

I am choosing to be thankful that despite a heartbreaking emotional roller coaster between a possible pregnancy, premature menopause, or something possibly more grave that my body's recent malfunction brought some relatively minor issues to light that can be addressed with some moderate lifestyle changes.

I'm VERY thankful to the doctor hubby of a MOMS Club friend who has been a voice of calm, patience, encouragement, and reason this week.

I'm choosing to be thankful that despite DaHubby's hours once again being cut to part-time that he still has a job - unlike many in our community who do not.

I'm thankful that no one in our immediate family is ill or has had a hospital visit lately unlike so many hospitalizations (including an emergency angioplasty and a discovered brain aneurysm) as well as two deaths in our church family recently.

I'm (trying to be) thankful (LOL) for the $10/piece garage sale 10-speed bikes that DaHubby acquired last month. While I'm about 80 pounds heavier than the last time I rode a bike, it's something we can do together with the kids plus it has had the added benefit of significantly less gas use for Goldilocks (our Ford Focus) since DaHubby is riding is bike to his classes as often as our crazy Michigan spring weather allows it.

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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: NBA Anyone? LOL

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

I almost feel silly sharing this one because it's such a "duh" in a way but it has made a BIG difference in the former battling over getting Flicka dressed.

Flicka, in complete opposite of her mother, is showing signs of being a major clothes horse fashion maven. And, the already-present chorus each day of "but I have nothing pretty to wear" from a five-year-old is wearing thin about 8 years prior to when I expected to first hear it.

Flicka is also, thanks to her father, 50% Yooper. LOL So, this girl thinks she NEVER needs a jacket, shoes, long sleeves, or pants until snow flies.

As a result, all those nice snuggly and/or gorgeous long sleeve shirts that her grandmas and aunties buy? Wasting away in her dresser.

Sooooo...this past week, Flicka and I came to a mutual solution. Cut the sleeves off the long-sleeve shirts and DOUBLE her wardrobe possibilites!

Now, I am a ROOKIE seamstress. I've never read the instructions to my 40+ year old hand-me-down machine and, at this point, I only use white thread (too hard to load and change bobbins) and sew straight lines! LOL However, I've cut and hemmed (is it still a hem if it is on a sleeve? LOL) a half dozen shirts in the last week and we're both THRILLED!

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