Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 11 09 Nine Weird Things

Found this on Everyday Mommy ( ) and considered myself tagged! LOL Anything self-inspection-evaluation-orientated lately is seriously grabbing my attention.

My 9 Weird Things...

1. Up until I had children, for every vehicle I've ever owned, I recorded EVERY tank of gas, mileage, etc to figure out my MPG. Thanks to my "best-est" friend of 30 years whose Dad made her do it for all the leased vehicles his employer provided and that she and I drove through our high school and college years.

2. While I love him dearly, I am eternally miffed that Da Hubby can NEVER seem to order anything off the menu! LOL It seems like EVERYTHING needs to be a special grill order for him!

3. One of my favorite toys from my childhood was my huge box of Lincoln Logs! I want to find some for my kids as soon as they stop putting everything in their mouths! LOL

4. Speaking of toys, another favorite of mine was the racetrack I won when I was about 7 while on "Bozo the Clown", a Detroit area kids' TV show "back in the day". I was on a field trip with my Brownies troop and managed to get a dollar bill out from under an upside-down glass Coke bottle without knocking it over!

5. I met Da Hubby at a kayaking conference - I had NEVER kayaked before and had borrowed all of my equipment!

6. I rarely can have a can of Pringles in the house without sitting down and eating the whole can!

7. Being trained as a middle school landuage arts teacher, yes, I've read all the Harry Potter books and LOVE THEM! (Don't know that I would let MY kids read 'em now (LOL) but I did read them all when I was single and teaching full time.)

8. I can sing the theme songs to "Diego" and "Wonder Pets" in my sleep.

9. And, I can still sing "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow" that I learned at youth camp MANY years ago backwards and forwards! LOL

So, if you read this, enjoyed it, and think it might be fun, consider yourself tagged as well!

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