Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 05 22 I'm So Glad That Jesus Rescued Me..

“I’m so glad that Jesus rescued me
“I’m so glad that Jesus rescued me
“I’m so glad that Jesus rescued me
“Glory, hallelujah, Jesus rescued me.”

Rescue. Rid. Deliver. Redeem. All used as synonyms in the King James version. (yea, I’ve been strolling through commentaries and dictionaries – the curse of an English teacher –finding meaning in the words chosen in Scripture! LOL)

My Sunday experience and subsequent research is shedding light on a subtle difference between “being saved” and “being rescued” for me. As someone who grew up in a traditional Protestant church where you were “born” Lutheran or Methodist or Presbyterian, it wasn’t until I attended a charismatic church and then joined a Pentecostal church did I start to understand what those traditions referred to as “being saved”.

But, yesterday we heard about rescuing. Being covered by the Blood. Being rescued from the winds and waves of life.

Rescue. Rid. Deliver. Redeem. They’re steps in a process.

First, we’re rescued. By definition, recovered from loss or danger. Liberated from restraint. Freed from confinement, violence, danger, or evil. Praise God!

Then, we are rid of that old life. Freed, disembarrassed, and relieved from those things that once separated us from God

Once freed of our pasts, then our delivery occurs. Again, by definition, we relinquish possession and control over our lives while being freed from burden, evil or distress. We surrender, cede, and give up everything to Christ. And, we “give birth” to our new lives.

Once delivered, then redeemed. We are in the possession of Another by payment of an Equivalent. We have been fully ransomed, exchanged, and bought back!

With the praise time, prayers, and moving of God yesterday morning, we actually “forgot” to do the sermon! I found myself with much of my church family on my knees at the altar as my kids “miraculously” were quiet and/or attended to by family. LOL And, all I could keep repeating was “rescue me, God, just rescue me.” And, ultimately, the rescue appears to be the first step.

Lord, rescue me again as I try to focus on you and find my path again and seek You and what you have planned for me next in my life. Strength my faith and keep me strong as I seek Your will.

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