Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 08 04 One more prayer request...

Got a call yesterday from my step-mom. In June, my 18-year-old half-sister, after a very hard and difficult 4 years, found herself pregnant. Well, when she went in for her first ultrasound this week, they found the baby was not viable and had not been for over a month. It's unclear why her body didn't "tell" her sooner.

Four years ago next week, we lost our little angel. I had my husband, my family, my in-laws, and my church family rallied to my side and into our home in the weeks following. I barely coped. She is half the age I was and she only has her much-older live-in boyfriend, my dysfunctional dad and step-mom, and my other half-sister.

I have experienced few things sadder than a miscarriage. It changed my outlook on my life, my attitudes, my faith, and my marriage forever. How do non-Christians deal with all of this without a faith in God? I'm stumped. I asked a women I once worked with after she claimed to be an atheist "then why get up in the morning?" What is there to live for if not a eternal hope in Jesus and God's work for you on this earth? How can anyone open their eyes each morning, look around, and NOT see God's amazing goodness? *sigh*

So, here I am trying to think of the right thing to say before calling her...knowing that there's really nothing I can say. Could you all please pray for the situation...

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