Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 08 24!

Well, I wrote last month that changes were on the horizons for me this fall. I tend to handle change with resistance. My patterns, habits, and schedules give my poor ADD brain something to organize around and be at peace with occasionally. As a result, I regularly have a lot of anxiety about these kinds of things. And, I deal with stress by shutting down for a time to re-group and by eating everything that isn't locked down! LOL

Da Hubby leaves for a week-long guys-only canoe trip with a couple of other Christian men in northern Minnesota a week from today. So, I'm home alone with my two babies for the subsequent 10 days. A little scary to say the least! LOL No breaks. No day-to-day (esp. at bedtime) help. While he's gone, I have orientation for the college class I have to take this fall to reinstate my teaching certifcation. Then, a week after he returns, I start teaching at our local Bible college. *sigh* On top of all this, I have to maintain the kids' schedules to some point of normal and stay on my diet! LOL Yea, RIGHT!

I used to so look forward to this time of year! It was like a new lease on life and a clean slate at the beginning of each school year...must be why I became a teacher! LOL But, when I have a second to actually reflect on that statement, I remember that the only "new lease of life" or "clean slate" that means anything is being saved and knowing the Lord. And, it is on Him I will depend!

Psalm 3.5: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding

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