Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My Short, Unsuccessful Career as a Burglar

*sigh* You know that moment. We've all done it. At the moment that the front door, back door, car door, or whatever closes behind you. *click*

I keep two sets of keys in my purse. Since we own two Ford vehicles (a Focus and a Freestar), we have those monster key fobs with all the buttons as well as the "big" keys required of newer vehicles lately. I refused to carry both big keys and both fobs all the time so I made up a separate key chain for the Focus's keys (which Da Hubby generally drives) and kept them in a zippered pocket of my purse. I drive the van which has my house keys on the ring.

So yesterday was one of those days where both Da Hubby's and my schedule got completely shot through like Swiss cheese and by 7pm we were still barely hangin' on. For a multitude of reasons which I won't go into now, Da Hubby had to be driven back to work by me and the Vikings around 6pm so he could work 'til 9pm so he could clock in a full day. The Vikings were NOT happy about it and spent most of the evening making Momma miserable at home.

Around 8:40pm, in my frazzled state, I scoop up both kids, a set of keys, and head to the van to go pick Da Hubby up. I walk off the porch to my similar refrain to my eldest "go to the van...go to the van...go to the van...no, don't pick up rocks, chalk, etc....just go to the van." Then, it occurs to me that the van isn't unlocking but the Focus is honking! Hmmm. Doesn't take a rocket scientist...I have the wrong set of keys...OH NO! I just locked the van keys in the house and the kids and I are locked out!

Thank you Ford Motor Company for keyless entry on the van! I get the kids loaded up and plug in a "Wonder Pets" DVD we burned from the TV. Then, I begin to assess how in the world am I going to break into my own house? I'm so embarrassed that I didn't even call Da Hubby at first. But, after two trips around the house and despite two "loose" screens/windows with no luck, I break down and call him. After some "debate" but Da Hubby still using his nice "inside" voice (LOL), he tells me to go ahead and break out the glass in the back door! *sigh*

But, MAN, do you realize how much noise that makes! LOL How does anyone break into a home by breaking glass and NOT have anyone hear it!

Bless his heart because that man o' mine comes home (after having arrived at work the first time at 6am that morning), helps me put the kids to bed, and then cleans up the mess I made knocking the glass out of the door (and down the basement stairs *sigh*) And, never says one word other than - "don't worry about it! It's only a $10 piece of glass! By the way, you have the spare house key on your Focus ring now, right?"

I knew I married that guy for a reason! *blush*


Coppertop said...

What a great attitude you both have!! God is so good!! I locked myself out of the car and the house in the same week. Auto Club helped me out of the car situation and hubby helped with the house one.
I guess everyone gets a turn, huh?

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness! *smile* You did have an adventure! I have to agree with Diane on your good attitudes. Those situations tend to get tempers flaring! (Guess you can't tell I've had plenty of experience in area!) *smile*

eph2810 said...

LOL - that could be me...Looking myself out of the house. I did it not so long ago, but I didn't break in. I waited for my Sweetheart to come home...