Saturday, November 25, 2006

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts

In no particular order...

Welcome to my new blog provider. I decided to move from and hopefully have found a home here at Blogger.

Our "Turkey Day" wasn't exactly what I planned (is anything really ever what we moms plan? LOL) Just Da Hubby, Vikings #1 and #2, and me at home this year. A first! And, since it was just us - Da Hubby and I decided on something a little unconventional for dinner so I wouldn't have to spend all day in the kitchen. So, we got a tank of propane, 2 fillets, and some frozen crab legs and had a little Thanksgiving "surf 'n' turf"! LOL

Friday was spent cleaning the basement and completing some electrical work that is to be inspected next week before our permit expires. Even Grandma got in the game and came to watch the Vikings upstairs so Da Hubby and I could clean without distraction. We're not quite done but a large dent was made in the mess.

Today was spent on Viking #1's and my haircut, purchasing supplies from our local Lowes, putting up the tree, and Da Hubby being in the garage most of the afternoon making a "baby picket fence" to put around the tree to keep our 2 1/2 year old and our 10 month old from pulling it over on themselves. The best part of today? The kids took a "tandem nap" (meaning both at the same time) so Da Wife (aka ME) got a little short snooze on the couch! Yippee!

That's about it for the last few days. Will be doing a short road trip tomorrow to be with my mom and her husband on the other side of the state. My "step-grandma" (my step-dad's mom) passed away Thursday night. It was a blessing after 5+ yrs in the nursing home but sad nonetheless.

God's blessing on the rest of every one's weekends. I'm off for bath times and bedtimes!


Coppertop said...

Hi Beth! Sounds like you had a fantastic Thanksgiving! Glad to hear that all is well with your family!!

Take Care!

Diane/Tempest/Coppertop- LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Beth, I think I am leaving FP also. I have had too many problems to keep *messing* with it. However, I hope to continue reading your blog. It looks like you were able to save your previous post. I lost everything. Oh well, right? Maybe I'll start something over here.
Debbie (alwayspraisehim)