Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 16 Third Time's the Charm

After my most recent entry last Wednesday, I was seeking God to open my eyes and my heart to see Him more clearly. To be more grateful, appreciative, and aware of God’s mighty works in and around my life. Well, once again, God’s got a funny and wonderful sense of humor!

I went to midweek service that night and the message was about the reverential fear of the Lord! Then, the next (Thursday) morning, as I was flipping through the channels while nursing Viking #2, I stumbled onto Joyce Meyers’ program and she was speaking on…the fear of the Lord! LOL Then, I’m cleaning off a bookshelf in our home and I find a book by John Bevere called…wait for it…”The Fear of the Lord”! Well, that would be what I refer to as a “nudge” from God! LOL

So, that will be my focus for a bit of time now. Plus, I still need to seek Him for an answer, an open window perhaps, about the matter of teaching at our local Bible school. As I have been considering those possibilities, I’ve been wondering…what is the difference between a leap of faith (jumping into the commitment of teaching with and for an amazing Spirit-filled staff and administrator despite blockages not being cleared away yet ) and waiting on His timing for all obstacles to be handled? Hmmm…

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