Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 05 10 A Prayer for Da Hubby

I usually feel pretty confident about helping out Da Hubby as he and I work as a team to tackle our everyday battles but there are days I don't know what to do to help him and/or make his load a little lighter. Work is stressing him out lately. There's a ton of work to do around the house - finish prepping the garden, electrical, clean up, etc. And, we've never really resolved his "space issue" with going from our old garage (which had more square footage than our house! LOL) to the current one car garage. Plus, Da Hubby and I are "instinctually" organizationally-challenged since we both struggle with ADD/ADHD.

He so frustrated with not being able to find anything he needs to do a job and not able to finish anything. I've dealt with this in my way with my daily stuff with the kids by breaking tasks down into even smaller pieces but it takes some patience when a project that use to take me one afternoon now takes a half hour a day for a week! And, he feels bad coming home after I've spent all day watching kids to take off all evening to work around the house so I get no break. He's not sleeping great. And, he thinks he wants to drop working with the praise and worship team altogether.

*sigh*I feel so bad but this is also my biggest day-to-day challenge so it's the blind leading the blind. LOL I can't really take over anymore things around the house (other than watching the kids more and getting fewer breaks). Waiting on God's direction but could use some prayer...

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