Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 06 Am I Fervent?

Our midweek service last night was amazing! The praise and worship, the message, the prayer time, the fellowship. This experience was increased by the fact that Da Hubby had stayed home with the kids! LOL I got to sing all the songs, sit through an entire sermon, and pray without one eye open watching for trouble! :)

Our message was about being fervent and re-committing. Our pastor feels we're being attacked and being drawn away from the things God's promised us. We're probably "drifting" a little - which, to be honest, I would expect in the "laziness" of summer when so many people are coming and going from vacations and the nice weather calls many away from service on Sunday mornings, evenings, and Wednesday nights.

But as everything "clicked" last night and I was caught up in joyous praise and God's presence, I was I truly fervent about my Lord? There are so many things yet to come this year in our daily lives and in our church activities. One of which is that I've been asked to step up and become a instructor at our Bible school. This is not for the weak, halfway, lukewarm, or lazy! LOL These people are our leaders, movers and shakers, on fire for God and darn proud about it! :) I'm honored to be asked but intimidated by what it might mean for me and about me. Pastor often talks about living with excellence, raising the bar, taking a step out. I find myself wondering if I'm ready.

Not being raised in the Pentecostal tradition, this enthusiasm and evident love of Christ was missing in my life, something I searched for but now find a little overwhelming! Am I up for the challenge? Only God knows. I feel like I'm standing on the edge of a rushing river and God might be asking me to go ahead and jump in!

I pray for His strength and guidance since there is one hurdle left to climb over before I can commit to teaching. If this is His will, the doors will open! And, if not a door...a window! LOL

Praise Him!

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