Wednesday, November 29, 2006

"25 Days of Christmas" on ABC Family

As I will posted later, I've been looking for things that are "family oriented" for Da Hubby,me, and the Vikings for each day of December through Christmas. Came accross this in my "Family Fun" magazine - which is owned by Disney. They have schedule a "family" movie each night December first through Christmas. It includes the old "classic" cartoons (Frosty, Rudolph, etc.) as well as somemore recent family favorites.

And, while everyone might not agree that all these movies are appropriate for Christian households (like the issues over the Harry Potter movies as well as some IMHO questionable selections recently), I like the concept and it will be filling in some leftover spots on my makeshift Advent calendar (explanation to come soon).

Just thought I'd share...Here's December 1-7. Other links there will take you to the rest of the schedule. Enjoy!

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