Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 04 13 The Irony of Being Included

OK, wasn't I just whining the other day about not being included? This is definitely not what I had in mind! LOL Why doesn't God let *me* pick how I want to participate! (Probably because if He let us pick how and when to be involved - the Bible would be a significantly thinner book! All those reluctant prophets and witnesses...Moses, Jonah, etc.)

I didn't even try to make it to praise and worship practice last night. Between the kids and I being sick and "Da Hubby's" busy preparations, it just wasn't feasible. So I was watching the kids in the back of sanctuary and in the toddler room while practice was going on.
In the sanctuary, there had been a pile of leftover palm fronds from last weekend. Several years ago, someone taught me how to fold the fronds into crosses for the kids at the church I was attending. So to keep my hands and mind busy, I was folding them into crosses for my oldest and the one other toddler that accompanies her parents to practice.

Our female pastor saw what I was doing, apparently heard from God, and had an idea! And, now I'm folding TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY OF THEM for Sunday!

This is definitely not what I had in mind! But, our pastors ROCK so I'll submit to their authority! Housework? What housework? So, as my cold begins to subside but my head aches from sinus pressure, I'm watching Elmo, snuggling with my daughter while the baby is napping and folding crosses...Ninety down, 160 to go! Not necessary a bad way to spend the day, eh?

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