Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Changing His Perspective

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

I know the cold and flu season has pretty much passed at this point so this tip may seem too late to be of any use. But, if your little ones struggle with seasonal allergies, hay fever type stuffiness, or summer colds, this tip could still be useful.

Like many other moms I know, I've been caught trying to give medicine to one of the Vikings after being woke up out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night. I'm not a big detail person on a good night's sleep so add some sleep interruption/deprivation and I'm even worse. But, obviously, giving accurate meds to my babies is vitally important.

So, in the interest of not having to call my pediatrician at 4am just to ask how much Tylenol, Benerdryl, or other medicine to give to one Viking or the other because it's *NEVER* written on the box or inserts (LOL), I've come to depend on this site.

Also, I've shared this Dr Sears site with my pediatrician practice and they are fine with the doses it recommends. And, all it requires me to do is keep track of the Vikings' weights. I've printed out the Tylenol chart and keep the kids' most recent weigh-in from the ped in the upper right corner. Always there when I need it. Safe dose. Quicker help. Happier babies. Happy momma.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

Not a particularly special, fantastic, or busy week - just "the usual" - so looking for thankfulness in the small stuff lately.

I'm thankful for:

A couple days of absolutely bee-yoo-tee-full weather - a rarity in Michigan this time of year and of course book-ended by several days of icky, wet, cloudy weather.

A short but wonderfully sweet conversation with an old friend the other night. I'm absolutely THRILLED to hear things are going well for her and that she's in her last few weeks of another school year. But, I warned DaHubby - now that I've talked to her and heard her voice, I *really* wanna go see her upstate! LOL

the fact that yesterday was our 4-year anniversary in this house. It's turned into a longer fix-er-upper project than we planned but it's home.

our city's summer recreation program. I was so disappointed that all the YMCA preschooler camps filled so quickly that Flicka and Pojke didn't get a chance to participate. But, at least five-year-old Flicka (at NO cost to us as residents) will be able to go come and go as often as she wants for 6 weeks in late June and July.

the opportunity and excitement at planning my block's first block party in several years. The inital surveys are back, a date picked, and now a short meeting in the next few weeks to firm up some details and go over the rules of the permit.

the anticipation of a new farmers market in our area. Our city's market will start the first Saturday in June but this new one starts Saturday in a small town about 20 minutes south of here and should be a blast to wander through if the weather holds.

the excitement that while I missed a chance at a ladies' Bible study at a local "megachurch" there's apparently an opportunity for some summer ladies' meetings. Cool!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conversation with Pojke

At 3am this morning, Pojke woke me up with a nightmare. He dreamed that he had fallen into our local deep, fast-moving river. So, I asked him about it this morning...

(Pojke), why did you jump in the river in your dream?

"One day....there were fishes in the river downtown...and the duckies tried to help me..."

Did (Flicka) or Mom or Dad jump in to save you?

"No..I was all alone..."

Why were you down there all alone?

"Because I wanted to.."

Hmmm...might be stressing the water safety stuff just *a little* too much, ya think? LOL

Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Couch Potato

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

Jumping on the proverbial bandwagon with Blogmommas to come up with cool, short tips to make parenting and housekeeping a little easier...

Today, I'm improvising on an idea I saw in Family Fun magazine. The March 2009 version of My Great Idea was what to do about cabin fever. One smart mom suggested a bad weather scavenger hunt. Now before you picture tromping through woods, over valley and vale in rain gear, wait a sec. It's a *mobile* scavenger hunt.

The original blurb suggested that Mom draw simple pictures of thing that the kids can find "such as a cow, an airplane, two blue cars, or a red light". Then, as you chauffeur, they're on the lookout for the items on the list.

So, today I'm making a list that will be ready to go on the next soaking wet and rainy day. So far, I have the following things:

a horse
a dog
a cat
a squirrel
a bird
an airplane
a police car
an ambulance
a blue car
a red car
an American flag
a bicycle
a motorcycle
a mail truck
a construction truck

Now, obviously, this would be different for the area you live in but by spending the time today getting the list together and then some additional time getting the little pics/clip art together, the next rainy day, I'm all set! It'll be a print-and-go!

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thanks Tank

There have been many challenges this week but also innumerable little blessings. I choose to focus on the latter...LOL

The smell of lilacs
The joy that dandelions bring to the Vikings and the resulting "momma bouquets" I've received
The smell of Lake Michigan wafting over the bluff and seemingly right to my porch
The wonder of little baby birds
The pleasure of a new neighbor - a single mom who's a teacher with a son the same age (nearly to the day! LOL) as Flicka
The frugal pleasure of two new-to-us Adirondack style chairs for the porch free from another neighbor who moved out this past weekend
Even the sand all over my house resulting in incessant sweeping because that means we're all spending more time outside
Walking barefoot again - finally!
Fewer socks (see above) in the laundry
For a peaceful and sweet wedding anniversary yesterday - eight years!
For DaHubby being on break from school this week
For a hubby who was rewarded for all his hard work and received straight A's this semester in four classes!
And, lastly, for a hubby who is currently driving to Lowes (it's 8:55 Wednesday night as I type this) because he just discovered a pipe under the kitchen sink is cracked

I'm blessed beyond words. God has granted me so much while I still am undeserving. His grace is awesome and I am thankful for that as well.

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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday Tip Jar

OK, I saw this vid on Facebook - a friend posted it. And, I'm just in awe of how simple this is:

Furoshiki Gift Wrapping - video powered by Metacafe

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Happy Eighth to me!

Eight years ago today, all my dreams came true...

Thank you, my love, for the promises you've kept and the life you've built for us. You honor me more than you know and I'm so proud to be your wife. Thank you most of all for the Vikings (the little mini-you's LOL) and all the laughter. My life is forever changed.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Family Gardening Day - part one

Today was DaHubby's last final for winter semester! And, on Tuesday it's our eighth wedding anniversary. So, initially, I had planned a small, short, surprise getaway to local hotel with water park. But, when I called and they wanted $190 for the room, I could hear Dave Ramsey gettin' hysterical in my ear all the way from Tennessee! LOL

So, we decided to spend some of the money to spruce up and prep the backyard for some "stay-cation" time instead. One project per Viking - and today's was a surprise for Pojke: a sand table! I found the plans in the July/Aug 2005 copy of Family Fun magazine (I can't find an online link however). We made a few modifications and, following a trip to Lowes, construction began!

Twenty feet of 1.5 inch PVC, some "elbows", some "tees", some PVC glue, a concrete mixing tub, and some sand are all we needed.

It's tab A into slot B, dear! *wink*

It's starting to take form - corners, a couple legs...

Nearly done! Just needing the underneath support pieces...

Flicka planning Vanna with the finished project

And, there are advantages to marrying an engineer! LOL The two small pieces in DaHubby's hands are *the ONLY scrap* left over! And, you should SEE the plans for Flicka's project tomorrow! LOL
Pojke giving it a try for the first time! And, a completely random side note...that arbor (now painted white) in the background? It was built by DaHubby...the month before our wedding! LOL We were married under it!
Stay tuned for part two - hopefully tomorrow!

And, we have BABIES!

Went out to begin our family gardening day and (appropriately) found three of these new little ones to join us!
Happy birthday little ones! We hope your new brother/sister joins you tonight!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Living the Life

Back in 1999, I was working 50+ hours a week at a middle/high school language arts teacher plus working 10-15 hours a week as a lifeguard. It was a tough schedule but, at that time, I didn't know what else to do. Working tons of hours at multiple jobs over different shifts is all I had been doing for the previous 9 years. I was single, independent, and while churchgoing I had no sense of living it out day to day.

But, to this day, I remember a moment of clarity. I was driving home from school after dark one night. I remember thinking "this is ridiculous. I can't do this forever. And, I don't want to."

And, as I pictured then a "someday" in the future, I remember thinking "I just want some free time to help people. There's people out there like me now, running themselves ragged and I want to have enough free time to serve and help people like that out."

At the time, it made no sense. I never EVER intended to stop teaching in some way. I had begun getting used to the idea of being alone since I was then 31 and hadn't married. I was so sure God intended for me to remain single that I started the process of becoming a missionary with a Bible translation group. I knew I'd *have* to work somehow to support myself.

I felt like a rat in a cage. I could see what I wanted but had no idea how to get there.

Ten years later - I'm living that life.

Instead of a "Road to Damascus" instantaneous conversion, God worked on me and through me until today I can look back and see the miraculous changes.

I'm married, Biblically submitted to the head of my household.

I'm a mother, something I never thought would be possible.

I quit teaching a year before reaching tenure, something you could have NEVER convinced me of doing back then.

I'm a stay-at-home mom, something that would have horrified me back then.

And, yet, I'm living that life I pictured. Just today I was taking a meal to a new mom. In these last few years, I've been able to take meals to, pray with, mail cards to, sit with, talk to people I come in contact with during the walk through my life.

Despite the mess, the chaos, the noise, the stress, the ants, I'm living the life God allowed me to peek at all those years ago. And, I love it!