Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 05 19 So last year for my anniversary...

I got a house! Well, not really but we (through God's remarkable favor - but that's another post) closed on our current home a week after our wedding anniversary. So we jokingly said Da Hubby gave me a house for my anniversary gift.

And, this year I got a "mommy-mobile" or "grocery getter"! LOL On Wednesday, twelve days after our anniversary Da Hubby called from the Ford dealership (that SNEAK - he took off from work to surprise me!) saying that he was in the midst of signing the paperwork for a brand new 2006 Freestar SEL that we had drooled over and test-drove the night before! Wa-hoo!

We were gonna wait 'til our Focus was paid off in the fall to buy another car but Mike took pity on me stuck at home (More likely he got tired of losing so much time and money coming home for lunch an hour round trip to bring me the car once or twice a week! LOL)

We went nearly 4 years on one vehicle trying to be more fiscally responsible, to start tithing, and to pay down some debt! (And, we'd be done and then some if it weren't for these darn kids we keep having! LOL)

I'm SOOOO geeked! A little geographical freedom! I have an awesome husband and an awesome Father for blessing me with him and with the job Da Hubby has. Praise Him for always blessing our finances through tithing and helping us get back on track!

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