Monday, November 27, 2006

Motherhood's Equivalent to Duct Tape! LOL

Going to playgroup! What a way to spend a Monday morning after a holiday! LOL

My first impulse today was to stay home, dig in, and get the house picked up, cleaned up, and straightened up after having company, traveling 400 miles, and having Da Hubby home for four days. But, the Vikings slept in until about 8am and we had playgroup at 9:30am. So I mobilized the troops and arrived with 2 minutes to spare.

This group is put together by our local
"Parents as Teachers" group and is very organized around several age-appropriate activities and a children's book each month. One of this month's activities? Shaving cream and food coloring! ROFL! Good Lord! What are they thinking?! Do these people have children?? LOL

Anyway, while Viking #2 played in the baby area, I got #1 set up in a plastic smock to make a huge mess. After quite a while, she was ready to move on. So, I then faced the challenge of how do I clean her up? So I started with paper towels to get the "mass" of bubbles off her and then resorted to baby wipes for the sticky remainder.

As 5 or 6 moms did the same, I joked aloud, "what did moms do before baby wipes? They are like the mom-equivalent of duct tape! What mess can you not get out of with baby wipes!?"

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Debbie said...

Hi Beth,
I so agree with the baby wipe comment. I use them for everything! The pic is so cute!