Tuesday, November 21, 2006

2006 03 30 Intro to My Little Vikings

Ya ever wonder what what your life would have been like if God had never blessed you with your kids? Well, whatever it was - I don't miss it! Sure - I miss wearing clothes without puke or food stains. Yes - sleeping through the night would be great. And, I wouldn't complain about being able to eat an entire meal without worrying someone is going to spit up or throw their food on the floor.

But I never truly understood how important this "job" is, what a calling it is until that little girl arrived. And, when (in God's timing not ours) her little brother showed up, I never could have imagined how much I could love these two little things!

Having children expands, grows, clarifies one's understanding of what exactly God did for us through Jesus. Over-riding that "momma bear" instinct to allow my son to be sacrified for others. Not only sacrificed but tortured. It's incomprehensible. And, that's what God's love is all about - an incomprehensible grace. Praise God!

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