Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 04 05 Fishing Pole Reminders

Mark 1.17 "The Jesus said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men."

In 1996, I was on a short service trip -part retreat, part work project - where the hosts provided Bible studies and devotions while we were there. One of our devotional activities was to look at a drawing of a stick person fishing and decide where in the picture we appeared as believers. Many with a witnessing heart stated they were the hook. Others claimed they were the line. Others the pole. Being a relatively new believer, I said I was the bobber – supporting the hooks of the world bringing others to Christ.

I’d never thought of myself as a witness for Christ. Too embarrassed? Too shy? Too unsure of my own faith and the doctrines of the church I was attending?

But, as I sit here thinking back, I may have been more insightful than I thought. I hadn’t “got it” yet. I wasn’t supporting the hooks back then. I was just hanging out on the surface. I was a shallow believer. My faith was untested. I was going through the motions.

Another activity that we had to do was to carrying fishing pole with us at all times the entire time we were there. We took them to the work site, to the bathroom, back to our sleeping quarters, to our studies and devotions, and to the dining hall. What a pain it was at the time. But, one of those powerful images that came out of that trip was a picture I took of all of my workmates walking back from the worksite to dinner, into the sunset, all carrying their poles. They looked like an army going out to spread the Word.

Lord, let me be ever-aware of your commission to constantly, consistently, and compassionately be a witness for you. Help me to be fully yours, fully committed, and fully on fire for You.

Don’t know what made me think of this today…I’m just sitting here eating my daughter’s leftover Goldfish crackers! LOL

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