Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 12 Faith Like a Child

How amazing is it to see the world through your children's eyes? Wonder. New-ness. Discovery. To be completely enthralled by something you've never seen before.

We are so fortunate to live in an area that is very "touristy" and moderately affluent. There are many things done, scheduled, performed, etc in this relatively small town. Today, I took the kids to our local bandshell in our little downtown area which incidentally overlooks Lake Michigan. We had gone to our little ma and pa deli, picked up some food, and planned to have a "mic-nick" as Viking #1 calls it while we listened to this week's Wednesday brown bag concert at noon. The sound of the music as well as the smell and sounds of the lake was soothing in the midstof a busy week. After that, we joined many other local moms and kids, the local YWCA's camp kids, and the tourists on a horse-drawn wagon ride around the downtown area.

How captivated my oldest was by the other kids, the music, the ducks, the bugs, the horses, etc. Even the baby was dazed and staring up at the trees, the leaves, and the sunlight. That awe, that wonder, that mesmerizing lost when we "grow up"...isn't that suppose to be how we look toward God?

Lately, in an attempt to be more thankful and less critical about the world around me, I've been trying to get mind around how incredibly awesome and dumbfoundingly cool God has made each thing around me is and how incredibly blessed I am to have those things and those people sharing my path with me. I don't feel grateful enough for all God has done because I'm taking all that is around me for granted. I've lost that awe and wonder.When one is baptized, they are washed clean and given a new life to live. I need new eyes again, Lord. To see your greatness, your love, your power, your sheer awesomeness in my life and in the small wonderful things around me. Help me, Lord. Open my heart and my eyes to see You more clearly...

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