Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 09 27 My First Pentecostal Healing

Been busy with sick kids (the 4th cold in 8 weeks) as well as "mucho" busy with a crusade at church, taking my midterm for my class, and starting to co-teach the college level preaching and teaching class at our local Bible school. Been nearly passing Da Hubby at the front door as soon as he comes home from work and I leave to go study or prepare. Then, we had the four days of crusade in there somewhere too. Da Hubby made it to all five services in four days; I made it four. But, PRAISE GOD, for His goodness! I wish it would go on for days, weeks, months! What an amazing time!

Mike went alone Thursday night as I had my midterm on Friday but all four of us were there Friday night. What an amazing speaker! What an amazing message! What an amazing feeling! Some of my notes:

Sickness and disease are part of the curse and NOT in the will of God

He healed them ALL... (Acts 5.16) No one left out!

Healings are a manifestation to the unbelievers.

Jesus said "You can do greater things!" (John 14.12)

Remember (our denomination) being associated with the "holiness" movement?

"I'd rather be a holy roller than stumble into hell! Be proud to be a 'holy roller'!"

After the message was complete, there was prayer for those who needed healing led by our elders, pastors, and the visiting preacher. I felt drawn up to pray at the altar but did not get in line for healing prayer. After many minutes and after most everyone had gone through, Da Hubby came and got me and asked would I go get prayer for a chronic back condition I have and have been dealing with for many years.

Some time was I was young, I unknowingly injured a back vertebrae and caused a spondylolithesis. Basically, one of the vertebraes in my back had its "puzzle piece" edges broken off and only my lower back nuscles hold it in place on my spine. I've always had mild back problems which have been made significantly worse in recent years with weight gain and two pregnancies in under two years. It's been so badly lately that I've been dealing with the pain on a daily basis. It's been difficult to hold the kids for any length of time, to carry all the necessary "baby gear", groceries, change diapers on any surface lower than the changing table, unable to get up from a chair without bracing on the back of the chair, to stand long enough to do a load of dishes, to sit at the computer for too long, interrupted sleeping, etc.

Anyway, Da Hubby led me up to the visiting preacher and I told him that I had back problems and that I had had enough. I was done. I am too young not to play with my kids! He prayed over me and someone annointed my forehead with oil. Many folks pulled in around me to pray as well. Well, there were no lights, no warm/burning feeling, nothing I was "expecting" but when when eveyone backed away and the preacher asked "what was something you couldn't do before?" I told him about getting up from the altar or getting up from a chair. He said "try it now." And, I DID IT!! And, I have had almost NO PAIN IN OVER A WEEK! There's been some muscle tightness occasionally (particularly since I've taken to huggin' and carryin' my kids again!) but no shooting pain!! No "I have to put this down *right now* or my back is gonna give out"


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Coppertop said...

Hi Beth!! It's me!!! You can read my other blog here at blogger. I agree that the new faithprints is yucky. I posted on the site to stay in touch with everyone from our little group. I'll write again soon!

Diane/redhead :-)