Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 31 Momma Just Don't Get Paid Enough!

Good lord! Moments like these must be the reason people tell their children..."I hope you have one just like you!" LOL

My son conked out at 12:30 without his lunchtime oatmeal and is still toddler ate lunch and I put her down for her nap about 1:45. Knowing she hadn't pooped yet today and knowing that lately that's the FIRST thing she does when I put her to bed...I putzed around and asked her around 2:00 if she had pooped. She said no. So I figured she looked sleepy and would be out like a light shortly so I went ahead downstairs to take a shower.

So, I'm in the shower soaping up with conditioner in my hair and I can SWEAR I can hear her crying...I think "Nah! She was nearly asleep and I didn't hear a "thump"! LOL Then I'm trying to rinse and I hear she’s REALLY screaming so I rinsed as quickly as possible run upstairs au naturale (meanwhile the baby's still sleeping) to find her with poop on her hands, on the wall by her light switch, a trail of poop from the play room, and a pile of it at the bottom of her stairs!!!! The little sneak went down to play as soon as I went downstairs, then blew out the diaper, down her leg, and dragged it thru her room to call for me. **sigh**

She was so upset it was hard to be mad - especially when she carefully pointed out each pile for me. I apologized a million times because she kept saying “I was crying. I called for you..." JEEZ! No guilt trip THERE! LOL So we cleaned her up on a towel in her room, washed our hands, I spot cleaned the carpet and put her back to bed where she's perfectly happy and talking to herself right now...

Moms just don't get paid enough!

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