Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 05 05 1826 Days of Marriage

Happy 5th anniversary to me! Da Hubby and I were married on 05-05-01. We jokingly chose that date because we figured it would be easy to remember and we'd never have to worry about forgetting it! LOL And, of those five years, I've been pregnant or nursing a baby three of them! What a change in my life in those 1800+ days - thank God!

I've often joked with people that I've had more of transformation following my wedding than I did getting saved! LOL My Walk with the Lord has been a two-steps-forward-one-step-back process for most of my life as I wandered in and our of His will for me. So while I may have never experienced a road-to-Damascus conversion in my Walk, I definitely did in my marriage! And, I wouldn't change it for anything! The shake-up of everything I thought I believed and thought was important has been pared down to those things most crucical to me - my Walk, my husband, my kids and the home I try to create for them.

While there are some things I'm wondering and questioning in terms of what's next in the Lord's plan for me, I (for once) know that I am exactly where he would have me be right this minute and it feels GOOD! LOL

Praise God!

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