Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 05 13 A Little Piece of Peace

On Wednesday, I started to write an entry that went like this:

“Why is it so hard to leave things in God’s hands? Why isn’t it enough to give things over to His care and NOT pick them back up again? All I want is His peace, to not be troubled, to not be afraid, not to be anxious or worried at the time – so why do I keep picking back up the worries, concerns, and troubles.”

And then I had one of those “perfect moments” last night…

Da Hubby, the Vikings, and I stopped by the hospital after dinner to welcome our extended family’s newest grandbaby to the world. Miss Reagan Marlena arrived yesterday morning around 9am. And, that’s grandbaby #6 in the last four years for Da Hubby’s family.

Then, as we sat in the car in the parking lot on day two of what is forecasted to be over 7 days of rain (I feel like we’ve moved to the Pacific Northwest lately! LOL), my daughter asks “where goin’ now?” And, when I ask her where she wants to go, she says “dancin’!” Da Hubby and I look at each other, mentally check our supplies and time, and headed off to our little downtown coffee place.

Despite living 45 minutes from the actual city, we have a South Bend Chocolate Factory place within walking distance of our home. It’s like a little college-town coffee shop with couches, tables, a fireplace, Internet connections, coffees, ice cream, and LOTS of chocolate and dessert selections. It also has local musicians playing most nights. And, we’ve gotten hooked! It’s become our Friday night “thing” to go down, get our “usual” (chocolate covered pretzels or jellybeans for Da Daughter, a cappuccino for Da Hubby, and a white hot chocolate or Italian soda for me). We sit and listen to the music, chase Da Daughter around as she dances and/or talks to the other patrons, nurse Da Son as needed, and just spend time together.

Not really sure what transpired (and he’s being pretty closed-lipped about it) but Da Hubby seems to have found a way, a light through the tunnel so to speak in the last few days. Despite nothing particularly changing in our physical everyday world, he seems to have found a peace and calm that has warmed my heart and made me remember why I love that guy so much.

So, as I fed Da Son listening to Celtic harp music (MAN, is this local guy GOOD!), I watched Da Hubby playing and talking to Da Daughter with such love and sincere interest despite it being a typical conversation with a two-year-old (LOL) As I looked out at the rain I thought, we’re all warm, happy, well-fed on a dinner of homemade soup and grilled cheese, we have a little extra money in our pockets for these sweet treats, there’s good music, we have a great extended family, a new niece for us and a new cousin for the kids, the kids were good all day with few crying spells or tantrums, Da Hubby’s working steadily, and we have an awesome church family. GOD AND LIFE IS GOOD! Praise God!

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