Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday: Daddy's Home!

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WFMW: Diaper Storage

I was trying to find something to submit today to Shannon's Works For Me Wednesday...and it struck me while doing something I do several times a day. I see if so often that I completely forgot about! LOL

When "Flicka" was born, we were living in a one bedroom "bachelor bungalow" where Da Hubby framed in and drywalled the back porch and turned into a nursery. Needless to say, we were short for space. With no changing table, Flicka was changed on a changing pad on our bed so all the necessary accouterments for changing her had to be kept in our bedroom. It remained like this until we moved to our current home when she was 15 months old.

Anyway, we needed a way to keep an open package of diapers contained, stacked, and organized. Being a semi-retired teacher, I had all kinds of supplies in the basement. I find a file folder/magazine organizer and (wouldn't ya know it) one small package of diapers fit perfectly!

We still use it (obviously) to keep diapers organized on "Pojke's" resale changing table in his current room! Works for me!

Make sure to visit Shannon's site for more ideas!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The problem with White Out... that it doesn't come out of ANYTHING once it is dried! *wah!*

I went to get Flicka to finish dressing her to go to the ped's office this morning and found her with an ENTIRE bottle of White Out covering her hands, tummy, legs, and my couch! *sniff, sniff* After several minutes in the bath soaking and TONS of soap, it won't come off!

The RN's thought it was hysterical, the ped smiled (and said that only acetone would work but he would obviously NEVER recommend that fora baby's/child's skin), and the pharmacist filling Flicka's script for an ear infection suggested hair spray.

Plus, I have a call into the furniture place where we bought the couch to see if our Scotch Guard warantee covers this...

*sigh* What a day...

Off To The Pediatrician AGAIN!

Got a 4am wake-up call from "Flicka" (aka Viking #1) who was complaining of her ear hurting so we have an appointment in 90 minutes. Then, we'll see Grandma and Papa for lunch and then Flicka will join them for the rest of the day. Then, "Pojke" (aka Viking #2) and I will grocery shop, return home, and when he's down for a nap, I'll be back! LOL Busy, busy, busy - how do working-outside-the-home moms get all this done!?! *wink*

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Smells Like Geriatric Spirit

What could happen when you tell your hubby to go put one of your kids in the bath? They could end up smelling like a freshly-shaved eldery gentleman! LOL

Last night, while I got Pojke (Swedish for "little boy" aka Viking #2) ready for bed, Da Hubby was to put Flicka ("little girl" aka Viking #1) in the bath.

On Friday, I had half-listened (my first mistake) when Da Hubby told me that he had clean out/off his desk/cubicle at work. He had found this can of shaving cream that one of the other guys in his shop had tried but didn't like. "Maybe Flicka can use it in the tub?" I thought that's fine...we've often used a handful to make a spot on the tub wall for her to draw and get her fingers into.

You can probably see where this is going...Da Hubby gave her the WHOLE CAN and walked out of the bathroom to let her play! LOL After getting Pojke settled, I went to check on her. There were large quantities of shaving cream EVERYWHERE: walls, tub, shower curtain, head, back, behind, face, EVERYWHERE. Da Hubby laughed and commented "well, now I know what an entire can of shaving cream looks like!" The smell was a little overpowering at the time but I blew it off on the immediate quantity and the warm, steamy room. But - no!

After a rinsing shower, I could still smell it. As I kissed her good night - I could STILL smell the shaving cream. Woke heru p this morning...yep, smell's still there!

The one good side - it made her hair *really* soft! LOL

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Prayer for a Day of Rest...

My prayer for this home and for yours today..."Comfort, yes, comfort My people!" Says your God. (Is 40.1) May today be a day of rest, comfort, rejuvenation, and thanksgiving for all He has done! Praise Him well! :)

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Read To Me: First Update

Well, we've been working on Jennifer's Read To Me challenge for nearly a week now. I've been reading to Viking#2 before naptime instead of his mid-day nursing. Other than a day where he fell asleep WAY early in the day while out in the van, we've managed to keep up our book-a-day promise for the first 6 days. While I've enjoyed the "literary snuggle time", I'm not sure #2 is "on board" yet! LOL

Check out Jennifer's site for more ideas.

Friday, February 23, 2007

A Friday Fast (of sorts)

The kids are feeling better (thanks for all your prayers and follow up posts asking about them) but I find myself with a 3-to-4 days worth of a to-do list since one or both of them no longer need me on the couch in constant physical contact anymore! LOL So, I'm takin' the day off. I still have my Bloglines thingy telling me when new posts are blogged but I won't be "surfing" today. Enjoy the bloggy waves without me and have a great weekend!

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank

This is my first Thursday Thanks Tank. To be honest, I should have started earlier. Thinking back, it should have been one of those things I promised to do around New Year’s. LOL Seriously, I often find that my ADD gets me so caught up in the minutia of daily “stuff” that I often lose the “bigger picture.” I’m frequently overwhelmed by the details and fine print of life without looking at all I already have to be thankful for.

In a week filled with sick kids and sleepless nights, the simple things of comfort have filled my tank this week:

Caffeine – enough said? LOL

Humidifiers/Fleece pajamas – comfort for the kids is comfort to a mom’s mind

On-call pediatrician, the RN call-in line, antibiotics, and health insurance – more peace to a tired mother’s state of mind

Tandem naptimes – the comfort of a quiet, uninterrupted shower

Da Hubby: someone who takes one look at me as he comes in the door and then watches kids so I can go to midweek service, and who deals with garbage, broken appliances and ever-growing snow banks and ice slicks.

Grandparents/Church family: their conversations, advice, and prayers got me through the week

Da Hubby’s job: God has blessed Da Hubby with a job (despite its uncertainties) that allows me to stay home, have reliable transportation, and things around me (like the computer) that make my life easier.

Bread machine/new pans: small and silly but a loaf of bread baking and new sparkly pans cooking a home-cooked meal…our definition of “comfort”

The Blood – the miracle of my body’s blood and all it does but, more importantly, the miracle of His blood covering His Body.

Those are mine. Go to Just Peachy for others...

TOT: Back to some easy ones

We’re really pooped here but on the mend. Thought about skipping “Three on Thursday” but, since I already called a snow day last week, I didn’t want to let it go another week. *wink* (Didn't want to lose all those faithful readers!) I picked “easy” ones so I hope they are still helpful. So, put on your middle school thinkin’ caps and here we go:

We’re: contraction of “we are” as in “we’re all going to be taking naps today.”
Were: past tense of ‘are” as in “we were up late each night this week.”
Wear: to carry or have on the body as in “wear your boots today.”
Where: the “locational” one, “here” is contained within as a reminder, used like “you want to go where today?”

Piece: a separate or limited portion or quantity of something as in “a piece of candy.”
Peace: a state of mutual harmony between people or groups as in “keep the peace with your brother.”
Peas: plural of the standard green veggie.

: to take or receive (something offered); receive with approval or favor as in “I accept your apology”
Except: the one with the “x” means you are “x”-cluding something as in “you may all go except Billy”

That’s it for this week. Sorry it’s a little lame…LOL

Fun Prize, Free Stuff, What's Not To Love? LOL

Wander over to 5 Minutes For Mom's new contest. To enter, simply post and link. Up for grabs? This game:

Sounds like fun. I'm in!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A Vikings' Version of (Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

Is there anything better than "tandem naps" during a week with illnesses and fevers!? *wink* I'm off to shower...

WFMW: Recipe Book Ease

I'm not much of a cookbook buyer but I AM a incurable recipe-cutter-outer! LOL Taste of Home, Food section of our local newspaper, recipes on labels - count me in for a taste test! I've desperately needed a way to organize all these scraps of tasty-goodness plus keep them safe from kitchen-type accidents like spills and drips.

Never thought much about my solution until recently talking with some of my fellow "church ladies" about gathering recipes for an upcoming church cookbook. When I described what I did, several ladies said "oh that's a great idea! I should do that!" So, I thought maybe someone else out in Blog-land might be interested as well.

It's simply a 1" inch three ring binder with page protectors. I've got mine divided into sections like "entrees", "sides", "soups/salads" (since we so often do them together), etc. Nothing spectacular but it works for me! Go to Shannon's site for more great ideas!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pneumonia Update

The "supershot" of anitbiotics last night apparently kicked the fever and improved Viking #2's overall wellness. (He slept thru the night for the most part so he got some rest.) And, while his color has improved (so no pulse ox re-test), he's still wheezing and "gurgle-ly". But, the pediatrician was unclear if it was "the crud" (thus viral and likely a cold) or bacterial (thus pneumonia) so off to the lab for a chest x-ray.

Have you ever seen the thing they put babies in for chest x-rays? Good Lord Almighty! It looks like something out of a torture chamber! LOL The poor tech mentioned she had been called several un-repeatedable names doing this x-ray but assured me he would be just fine. She "enclosed" him in this hard plastic tube that forced his arms over his head and had him "sitting" on this bicycle-seat-looking thing and all this is in a frame of sorts to take the picture. My boy is SO brave - the tech said he was the first one that she could remember that didn't make a peep! Not one tear...even when I had to leave the room!

X-rays back to the ped who determines that if it was "the crud" she'd see problems "all over" his lungs from congestion but that Vikings #2's films only has infiltrates (could they call them something else for Pete's sake?! I DON'T LIKE that word!) in the lower corner of his left it's bacterial and "slight" pneumonia.

So, off to Walgreens for a 10 day regiment of antibiotics and we're home...Thanks for your prayers. I'm positive that's part of the reason he's so much better today!

Cool distraction

Have Viking #1 with Da Grandparents today. Due to take #2 into the pediatrician for a follow-up appointment in about an hour. In the meantime, lots of snuggling, nursing, etc. this morning. Also - found this at Katrina's site. Made me smile! Here's mine:

Monday, February 19, 2007

Isn't "a little pneumonia" like "a little pregnant"?

*sigh* Apparently this isn't just a cold for Viking #2. He woke up from his nap a little blue tinged on his hands, feet, and lips as well as being hard to keep awake/lethargic. So, been dealing with docs, RNs, poking, prodding, waiting, shots, and pulse ox tests for the last 5 hours and now have an appt tomorrow for another pulse ox and possible chest x-ray. Keep us in your prayers please.

Read To Me Goals for February/March

While I've got Viking #1 started on the road to reading with her own library card, weekly Wednesday reading sessions at our local library, and a pre-bedtime routine, my little guy has yet to be introduced to it. So, in conjunction with the beginning of weaning Viking #2, each day I'll "exchange" a book for a to-sleep nursing.

We've started with dropping the nursing before his midday nap so we'll begin as soon as he finishes lunch today and (hopefuly) will continue through the month exchanging one (and eventually two) nursings with a book for the next month.

I have not selected the books yet but I think I'll start with the Sesame Street alphabet puzzle books (a full set shown here currently offered on Ebay since I can't find an Amazon link to new ones).

And, I'll be updating on our progress between now and the week of March 19th. Join me and /or check out Jennifer's blog for more ideas!

New Pans, First Meal

Last week I blogged about the blessing of new pans thanks to this year's tax return! And, Debbie requested that I show y'all the first meal in them! LOL Well, Friday night, we had dinner made for us. We won one night with a chef from that local home show we went to. The meal was great but we then had to listen to his sales pitch for new pans (the "basic" set was $1300!) Anyway, Saturday we ate while out of town for that birthday party.

So, finally last night, I got a chance to use them for a dinner...lasagna! First pic: Back left pan: the steamer for broccoli. Back right: the lasagna noodles. Front: the sauce. Oh, and that's my recent kitchen helper emptying all my other pans onto the kitchen floor. LOL

Second pic: my mini-pan o' lasagna (a loaf pan recipe) cooling with the broccoli finishing up its steaming.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Another Near ER Trip...

About to walk out the door this morning. Da Hubby takes Viking #2 out of his high chair so I can get him dressed and places him standing on the floor. #2 promptly falls over into the footrest of the highchair and splits his bottom lip open. *sigh* Not a split really but a "cheese grater" effect instead. Couldn't get the bleeding to stop after 5+ minutes of pressure with a washcloth and ice cube so we called the pediatrician-on-call. He said "go to the ER!" and at that moment the bleeding finally stopped. So we chose to go to church, praise God anyway (LOL), and ask for prayer over #2 for healing.

What a morning! Only seven days after having the ceramic plate fall and break over his head! I'm told *this* is what raising a boy will be like...good thing we have insurance for when (not just an "if" apparently) something really bad happens! LOL

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Another thing I'm jumping on board with...

Being a "semi-retired" language arts teacher, this kind of thing is so near-and-dear to my heart. My soon-to-be three-year-old already has her own library card. But, being a busy SAHM, making time each day or however often to sit and read to one or both of the kids, it is as much of a challenge as it is for anyone. Hopefully, this will create a new, good, wonderful habit.

So, at Jennifer's request, I am considering my goal. This hopefully habit-forming adventure begins tomorrow!

While I'm thinking about it...

Been meaning to do this for a month. This is another opportunity (like Everyday Mommy provided us with her Hidden Treasure search/contest) to find some new people and maybe new bloggity friends. The Ultimate Blog Party is coming in 2 weeks. So, throw off those February "blahs" and spiff up your attitude and/or your site and come out and "meet and greet" some new folks!

Another random momma observation...

Does anyone actually *buy* gift bags anymore? LOL I have so many from gifts we've received that it never occurs to me to actually purchase one! *wink* I get the feeling that there are a select few in a minority somewhere who actually buy all the gift bags of the world while the rest of us just keep recycling and/or "re-gifting" these bags! LOL

We're off to a first birthday party and a visit with family about an hour away. Hope everyone is having a great, restful weekend!

Friday, February 16, 2007


It used to be all up to me. If the bill got paid (or didn't) was a result of what *I* made and what *I* sent to my creditors. That all changed when I found Da Daddy.

For reasons that are still unclear to me (LOL), somehow, without the coveted rectangular piece of paper from some state university, he makes more than double what I could make teaching which has required me to complete my BA, a post-BA teacher certification process, State of Michigan board exams, and half of my MA! *wink*

Becoming a stay-at-home wife and mother was a HUGE transition for me. Being raised as the only daughter of a very-independent divorced mom required high levels of autonomy as I was growing up. Having to depend on anything or anyone other than myself appeared to be frowned on.

So, you can imagine my mom's resulting catatonic state when I told her that...well, I've met this guy...I've known him 5 weeks...he's proposed...I'm quitting my job of 5 years...I won't gain tenure (read "job security")...oh, and I'm moving across the state with him...moving in with him (well, I didn't get it ALL right). She nearly needed a crash cart and one of those cardiac shot-to-the-heart things! LOL Despite having prayed for many of the previous months for the Lord to make me ready for my future husband and to introduce him in His timing, I felt awkward and unsure trying to explain to my mom that I *knew* that this was the guy God was sending me.

I moved with no job prospects to a city I'd never seen into a one-bedroom house with a man I'd only known 3 months. If I hadn't already believed in God at that point, I'd HAVE to believe after seeing how He guided us, changed us, and healed our old hurts over the next 9 months of preparation for the wedding.

Once a wife, I had a part-time teaching gig plus subbing but wasn't really bringing in much money compared to Da Hubby. But, at least I was bringing in *something*, right? Slowly, over the next few years, my income dwindled. I started to feel like I needed to "report" to Da Hubby each day when he came home all that I had accomplished while he was at work. He assured me that it wasn't necessary.

Then, Viking #1 was born. I haven't subbed a day since. Haven't "held a job" since. So,ironically, as soon as she arrived totally depended on me, I became totally depended on Da Hubby.

While marriage began to open up a deeper understanding of God's relationship with me as His bride, imagine that magnified 100 times over from becoming a parent. I learned about having submission in my marriage and that gave me greater depth of understanding of my submission to Christ. And, as I struggled with my total dependence on Da Hubby, I began to learn about dependence on the Lord and having faith...since learning to live at the complete "whim" of another has been a HUGE leap of faith for me...taking the "small" step in having faith in Da Hubby made the leap into the arms of Christ all the more easier!

But, there are some earthly rewards...LOL Da Hubby sincerely appreciates all that I do at home, swears he wouldn't do it for a million bucks, and is baffled how I cope with it all each day! LOL So, my little "reward" this year? The tax returns will be direct deposited today so last night, Da Hubby insisted that I go out and "spend some money". Now, I'm not much of a shopper (I don't enjoy it much at all) but things have been a little lean here this past year or so. I've had a "wish list" of a few things for the kids and myself. So,I spent two hours last night sans children going to Target, Old Navy, and Kohls. The kids have several pairs of "snuggly pants" (aka sweats) to make it through the winter, #1 has a new church outfit, #2 is re-stocked with socks. And, this momma got a few things for myself and a few things for the kitchen: a box grater, a new hand mixer, and a new set of Calphalon professional pans! Wa-hoo! Thanks, babe, for these treats! Thanks for spending some of "your" tax return on me! You are the BEST!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's a "snow day" for TOT!

We're fighting the sickies here- got one with "bottom issues" and a slight fever (but luckily no "pukies") so I'm playing nurse maid/entertainer/maid/laundress and won't be having a lot of PC time unless I get both of these little gems down for a nap at the same time this afternoon. So, I'm off to watch yet another viewing of "Nemo"...hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

WFMW: Paper Plate Puke and Poop Pick-Up

(Updated below/correction from Da Hubby)

(How's that post title for alliteration? LOL Don't try THAT at home...I'm a professional! *wink*)

Actually, this is something Da Hubby showed me so I can look like a smart mommy. Where he learned and WHY he learned it have remained unclear but it DEFINITELY works for me...

His solution to poop, puke, or other "soft solids" pick-up from hardwood floors and even carpet? Two paper plates! After a couple go-rounds with rotovirus, stomach bugs, and feisty toddlers in high chairs throwing food, this solution works for all!

Think one as a dustpan and one as a "scoop" of sorts and you will find 95% of the mess is cleaned up on the first pass-by. No tons of paper towel, no washing several clean-up towels...just paper plates.

Thanks babe! You ROCK! And, don't' forget to stop by Shannon's site today for more terrific tips for tackling today's and tomorrow's troubles (tee-hee)!

Grrr...Da Hubby ck'd out this post and reminded me that it is actually card stock or copy paper that works best for this! Sorry, babe...let the alliteration get the best of me!

The Real Valentine!

Don't forget to spend time today remembering the One who created Love! Blessings!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bible Reading?

You know the Bible 93%!

Wow! You are awesome! You are a true Biblical scholar, not just a hearer but a personal reader! The books, the characters, the events, the verses - you know it all! You are fantastic!

Ultimate Bible Quiz
Create MySpace Quizzes

I guess I need to step up my reading program! LOL Wish they'd tell me which ones I got wrong! *wink*

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend - Story Three of the Series

Soooooo...breakfast (eventually) arrived and was (relatively) uneventful. More swimming ensued. Then, we packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed back home.

The Saturday paper was on the doorstep when we got home. And,the front page had a picture of our local Home and Garden Show. Now, keeping in mind that we live in a relatively small community, this is a big deal - especially with tax return season causing visions of home improvement to dance through the minds of Tim Allen wannabes in the area! LOL It was actually my suggestion to feed the kids and turn right back around and go out because *really* who wants to do laundry after the already un-fun chore of unpacking!? *wink* So, off we go - both kids strapped into a stroller winding through aisles of new windows, landscape design, and gutters!

So, while I had seen it in our local paper, it hadn't registered on my "radar" that the comedienne Kathy Griffin was performing locally Saturday night. Our local community college has a good sized performing arts theatre as well as classrooms, student theatre facilities, and a "conference" area all in one building. The Home Show was in the "conference" section. Ms. Griffin was to perform in the professional theatre that evening.

As we are wrapping up our final loop of all the exhibitors, we find ourselves having difficulties getting to the front of the place because there are two teams of camera person/cord handler/person with a clipboard blocking half the doors we're trying to get to. We assume the local news is covering the Home Show (which considering the size of this area was probably the lead story that night! LOL), so we are trying to figure out how to best avoid these folks. Meanwhile, out of the corner of my eye, a man approaches Da Hubby and says "would you like two free tickets to see Kathy Griffin tonight?" And, then came my ADD impulsive moment for the week...

Before my "does-this-sound-obnoxious?" filter can kick in, I blurt out to Da Hubby in front of this poor guy "there is NO way we're going to see that!" First of all, Da Hubby has less than NO interest in anything related to Hollywood and would have NO clue who she was. And, while I barely recognize her name, I also remember that her material is probably not something I want to sit and listen to for two hours.

The guy seems surprised but says "fine"and walks off. Then, I noticed the's filming people taking the tickets! And, it just filmed me "making" my husband refuse the tickets! *blush* Then, another light bulb...Kathy Griffin does a reality show so they film EVERYTHING she's doing for Bravo. *gulp* Well, they couldn't find my little exchange even remotely interesting, right?

So, we barrel thread our way gracefully through the mass o' people bottling up near the doors with the double-wide stroller to suddenly realize that Viking #1 who had chosen to walk next to us was about to get flattened by another camera guy walking backwards. My Mama Bear instinct rears her head and growls loudly "Watch out!", grabbing #1, and nearly taking the camera guy out myself.

When everyone recovers, I'm starting the stroller toward the doors again and hear from behind me "so what are YOUR names?" I turn around to a bank of lights and cameras with Kathy Griffin holding out her hand to Viking #1 and a friend! I cannot describe how difficult it was not to jump immediately in and scoop #1 up outta there but I walked up and Ms. Griffin looked up and said "are ya coming to my show tonight? I'm here at the Mendel Center. You want free tickets?"

I mumbled something about not having a babysitter and how we just can't do anything impulsive like that anymore *fake laugh* and off we went - #1 none the wiser that her momma just talked to a lady on TV who has cameras following her everywhere for a reality show! *sigh*

We finally get out front. Da Hubby goes to get the van and, as we are packing the kids in, he says with a laugh - "you're gonna blog this, aren't you?"

So, if you watch her show, and you happen to be watching the night that they *might* broadcast about her being in SW Michigan, just lie to me and tell me I didn't look like an idiot! *sigh*

The Weekend - Story Two in a Series

So, Friday night concluded with everyone in the pool playing or hanging out in the dining room visiting - including #2 who was definitely enjoying his first big pool adventure.

So, to bed Friday night but up Saturday morning...nearly 2 hours early! *sigh* So, we're stuck awake with two kids under 3 at 7am, hungry in a B&B full of couples away for Valentine's weekend...and breakfast isn't served 'til 9am! The kids usually sleep later than that - especially when we've been away, traveling, or just generally up late which we had done all three. Never anticipated that they'd be up at 6:30am raring to go!

While the kids are wandering looking for something to do, we're trying to keep them busy (and quiet). We think we're safe for a few minutes and Da Hubby and I attempt to get cleaned up ourselves. We only took our eyes off them for a minute then...

*THUD* (something heavy)

*CRASH* (something shattering)

*WWAAHH!!* (#2 crying)

By the time I can get around the bed to him, he's got blood pouring down between his eyes from somewhere on his head. And what I see on the floor is an intact ceramic pitcher with dried flowers now-scattered on the floor but broken pieces of the ceramic plate/shallow bowl is WAS sitting on on top of the TV.

He had been apparently shaking the TV table legs and the pitcher and plate had fallen from about 5 feet in the air.

So, while Da Hubby is rushing to get #1 dressed because he is SURE we now have to go to the ER, I apply pressure and try to get #2 to stop screaming so I can assess the rest of him. No other apparent cuts, no other apparent "goose eggs" rising up. And, after about 30 seconds of pressure, the bleeding had stopped and #2 was down to the gurgly, hiccup, post-crying stage. So, we decided not to go to ER but got the kids out of the room and down into the common areas...only to have to come back up to the room because the owner was basically chasing us around the house saying "we have guests *right* above you" while looking pitifully at #2 crying.

What you see at the right is a barely perceptible spot straight up from his nose in his hairline - that's the scab. That bruise over his left eye? Oh, he did that before we left on Friday! Is this what life with a boy is gonna be like? LOL

The Weekend - Story One of a Series! LOL

First, my apologies for not checking in sooner. And, as you can imagine, getting back into the swing of things Saturday night (even with it only being ONE night away) and then trying to get everyone up, prepped, and off to church the next morning was a bit trying! ;)

Second, the decision now becomes how many parts to break this up in because I have three, (yes, THREE) stories to share from our weekend! *wink* I guess I'll take them chronologically...

Friday was relatively uneventful. Packing went well. Due to a couple of delays, we got in the van about an hour later than planned...but I was refusing to stress about it like I usually do. The proposition of travel with the kids still generally makes me "momma-nuts" and often makes me miserable company (as Da Hubby can probably attest to).

The beautiful, light, HUGE lake-effect snowflakes were wafting down as we left. The drive was also uneventful as we drove about an hour north. We coincidentally arrived at the B&B at the same time my mom and step-dad were returning back from a trip into the local town for some munchies and beverages. The place was great. The room was cute but a little tight for all four of us (the downside of reserving rooms on the Internet, I guess! LOL) but we didn't complain since it was only one night and my mom and step-dad paid! LOL

We unloaded and Viking #1 immediately wanted to go swimming. But, "Grandma" had a large bag of Valentines' goodies for all of us to open. So, we rifled through all the little trinkets and cool stuff my mom has found on her travels. But, it was one item that gave me pause.

Now, since I know my mom reads this blog (and apparently its contents are opening a pathway for her and I to work through some issues), I want to make this ABUNDANTLY clear! This is NOT NOT NOT a knock on her. This is a commentary on the item ONLY! I don't even know if she is aware that this was part of what she included in Viking #1's basket o' Valentine's goodies.

Anyway, I find it interesting how differently I see things now as a parent and as a more-mature believer. While I know many do not agree with me, Da Hubby and I have had some serious, prayerful conversations about what Halloween, Santa, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc. is going to mean in own home. We opted so far to not introduce any of them.

We have had similar concerns about popular culture's effect on our kids' future beliefs about modesty. My uneasiness with some things I've seen toddlers through teenagers wear even to Sunday services has made me hyper-sensitive about Viking #1. It is because of this I've chosen to display Everyday Mommy's "Moms for Modesty" button on my "bulletin board" here. I take it very seriously.

So, my mom often buys the kids clothes. It is always appreciated. Da Hubby and I have discussed that it is a blessedly rare event that we have to buy ANY clothing items for our kids. With 4 sisters-in-law and 1 grandma locally along with my mom and step-mom, these guys rarely lack for much! LOL

Included in Viking #1's basket was a pair of "big girl" Valentines with hearts underwear and a package of what I presumed was two more pairs of "big girl" Barbie panties. I was startled to later realize that the package didn't hold 2 pairs of panties but a set of panties and a bra. Yes, a bra. In the size 4T. *sigh* To give you a picture - it was like a cute little spaghetti strap tank top but it was cut short up to where her rib cage would be. I asked Da Hubby -what business in their right mind would want to market (heck, even think of making) a bra for a four-year-old!?

Once Da Hubby and I discussed it later listening to the two kids snoring, we decided that #1 can have the new underwear but we won't be letting her wear the bra. Am I over-reacting? Thoughts, opinions, input???

Part two...Viking #2's first blood-letting coming up next...

Friday, February 9, 2007

Packin' Up The Troops!

The Vikings, Da Daddy and I are leaving in about 5 hours for an overnight away at a B&B about an hour from here with my parents who will be heading over from the other side of the state to seethe kids. They also are very graciously paying for our room as well!

So, if you have or have had little ones, ya know what it's like packing for a simple overnight! LOL Good thing we have a mini-van for all the "junk"! *wink* We'll be back late Saturday night to make church Sunday morning. I'll ck in ASAP. Blessings to all! (((hugs)))

P.S. one thing to add...wanted to share my new favorite pic of two of my favorite people...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

TOT: At Your Request! LOL

(Update: Well, it appears I scared all of you off with this week's TOT entry. The correct answers for the "pop quiz" are highlighted below. Thanks!)

Cool! The whole five or so of you that comment and/or visit here regularly have been making requests for topics to cover. So, today is an "all-request" Three of Thursday! Thank you Shelagh and Sara! I'll tackle the easiest one first...

Like with most English "rules", there are always exceptions. But, this is another example of "for the majority of cases"! LOL

Background: remember that adjectives describe nouns (the ol' person, place or things routine) while adverbs describe verbs (the action words). So, here it is: "good" is an adjective while "well" is an adverb. You just have to pay attention to what you are describing.

He was a good dog. He ran after that ball well.
I think that went well! That was a good idea!

But what generally throws people off is the response to the question: "So, how are you feeling?" Are you describing your physical body so you are in need of a adjective? Or how you mentally feeling so an adverb is appropriate? Ya' see the problem? The trick there is the word "feel". It's a verb. So, technically, the correct response in most cases is, "I feel well."

To be honest, I had to look this one up! LOL Had never noticed this as a problem before! LOL

First, "nauseated" is a verb. And, "nauseous" is an adjective.

"Nauseate" means to sicken as in "her behavior on that reality show nauseates me."

Meanwhile, "nauseous" refers to the feeling of something revolting and/or offensive as in "a nauseous display of consumerism." says this:

"Traditional critics have insisted that nauseous is properly used only to mean "causing nausea" and that it is incorrect to use it to mean "affected with nausea," as in Roller coasters make me nauseous. In this example, nauseated is preferred by 72 percent of the Usage Panel. Curiously, though, 88 percent of the Panelists refer using nauseating in the sentence The children looked a little green from too many candy apples and nauseating (not nauseous) rides. Since there is a lot of evidence to show that nauseous is widely used to mean "feeling sick," it appears that people use nauseous mainly in the sense in which it is considered incorrect. In its "correct" sense it is being supplanted by nauseating."

Hope that wasn't too confusing!

Hmmm...I wish I could come up with a cool way to remember this one myself. Had to do some research so I could sum it up well.

LAY: (There are SIXTY. SIX. definitions. Could THAT be why it's confusing? LOL) Its past tense is "laid". It means to place something down. It is a transitive verb - which is fancy Englsh teacher talk for it needs an object to work with it. It needs something to lay down - so to speak. For example, "I can lay down the directory here" or "I laid down my keys somewhere".

LIE: Lie (with 27 definitions for this use) means "to recline" or "be placed." Its past tense is "lay". It does not act on anything or anyone else so it is an intransitive verb. "Lie down on the couch" or "the rug lies on the floor". So, if the subject of the sentence is lying down, then it’s “lie.”

(Side note: a "test" if a verb is intransitive or transitive is to take the sentence down to just the subject and verb and does it still makes sense. An INtransitive verb is INdependent. And, a transitive is dependent on something else to make sense. For instance, using the examples I listed above: "Lie down" and "The rug lies" still make sense without the rest of the sentence while "I can lay down" and "I laid down" give a feeling something is missing because you want to ask "lay down WHAT?")

So, here's a little "open book" pop quiz...which ones are incorrect?

1. I will lay my head on the pillow.
2. Lie down on the couch.
3. My cat likes to lay on my bed.
4. Yesterday I lay on the sofa for a nap.
5. I came home and he was laying on the floor.
6. Let's lie our picnic blanket down here.
7. Yesterday I laid my sweater on the bed.

Extra credit: I could have lain in bed all day

Wow! That got longer than I planned. Thanks for hanging in there! *wink*

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

WFMW: Lunchtime Love

I asked Da Hubby this week what was our "best" relationship advice in preparation for Shannon's Works For Me Wednesday: Love, Sweet Love edition. But, at Shannon's request to keep it G/PG rated, I can't post what his first suggestion was! Other than it included the word "more"! *wink*

My first thought was Da Hubby's and my determined promise not to go to bed angry. This has caused a few long nights/short sleep sessions but has been well worth it in the long run.

Then, I thought of a cute, effective alternative. I still make Da Hubby's lunch at least three days a week (I'm shooting for all five days! LOL) And, one thing that I started in our newlywed days and he still really appreciates is me writing messages on his lunch items. Using a Sharpie on one or two of his Ziplocks, I'll write something cute, funny, or mushy.

For example, I have an application on my Palm called a date wheel. Several times I've put in our wedding date and the current date and found out how many days/week/whatever we've been married. Then,I'll put on his lunch, "thanks for (blank) days of happiness!"

He always comments and thanks me for doing it. And, it's become a "thing" at his work/shop (once he got over the initial embarrassment) of "hey, man, whatcha wife write ya today?" LOL

Go to Shannon's site for
more "love" ideas!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Still feeling blah, discouraged, and scared.

(Updated: "Dad" apparently did have a heart attack. He's been admitted to the hospital for testing and observation with a angioplast for tomorrow. "Mom" returned to their home for the night and found frozen pipes and no water. Please pray for a quick resolution at their house (Da Hubby's mobilizing winter clothes, propane heaters, etc. as I type), healing/safety for Dad during the procedure, blessings on the doctors and RN's.)

Was going to participate in Shalee's "Fifty Cheap Dates" but just don't have the heart today. Lack of sleep, continued ADD struggles, and having to take both kids grocery shopping today (LOL) has turned my brain into mush. In addition...

Peach is requesting prayer for an upcoming needle biopsy.

GiBee, a fellow trying-to-conceive warrior, is no longer pregnant.

And, my mother-in-law called a bit ago. My father-in-law is in our local ER for chest pains.

*sigh* Overwhelmed and out of "mommy-witty" things to say or events to share. But, on my mind and heart today:

2 Cor 3.16-18 " Nevertheless when one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord [is,] there [is] liberty. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. "


Psalms 34:4 "I sought the LORD, and He heard me, And delivered me from all my fears."

Monday, February 5, 2007

Monday Moanin'

Well, it's actually Monday afternoon by now just to show ya' the type of day I'm having. Short version: the kids are fine, I've got the blahs going on five days now, not much getting done, ADD is raging, spent all morning at the walk-in clinic for me (I'm fine too), and I'm just brain fried. Can't make one. more. decision.

So, I'm relying on a meme today...sorry! Thanks to Just Peachy for the idea. LOL But, it perked me up a little because it made me SO thankful for that handsome dude that sleeps next to me every night! *sigh*

Meme about Him (in my case, Da Hubby)

His age: 39

How tall is he: 5’9”

How long have you been together: 7 years in May

How long did you know each other before you got together? 5 weeks! LOL

What physical features attracted you to him first?: funny, funny, funny and the smile! Aw, geez! Could melt me with a glance!

Eye color: bright, icy blue

Hair color: not sure! LOL He wears his head shaved since I met him! LOL

Hair style: see above

Normal Outfit: jeans and a sweatshirt or t-shirt

How did you meet: met at a kayaking symposium

How serious is it: Dead-on serious right from the start

Are you "in love": Still and always!

Do your parents like him: Ah, well…he’s the son my dad always wanted. The jury’s still out occasionally with my mom! LOL

Do his parents like you: *blush* yep!

Do you trust him: With everything!

Would you share a toothbrush with him: yep but would prefer not to! LOL

Would he let you wear his pants: If I’d fit in them – yes! LOL

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? Nope – don’t need it! We’ve slept together every night except for 2 for nearly 6 years

Do you like the way he smells: Oh, yea!

Can you picture having kids with him: Been there. Done that. Best decision I ever made.

What bothers you the most about him: that husband “selective hearing” and needing to clean up his messes

Does he have a temper: used to – don’t see it much any more unless someone “attacks” me or the kids

Are you happy to be with him: Can’t even remember what life was like before him!

Does he embarrass you in public: Sometimes but in a good, class-clown kind of way! .

Does he smoke or do drugs? No.

Does he have any piercings?: No

Any tattoos? No

Does he have any scars that you know of? A couple.

Is he a Party dude or Stay at home?: Stay at home, definitely

Is he Outgoing or Shy?: See comment above about being the class clown! LOL

Does he love his mama?: yep – and just like her!

Would he hang out with you and YOUR friends?: He’s been there, done that.

Sing?: Wonderfully AND plays piano amazingly…one of those thing on my “teenager wish list” for the perfect guy and I got it! LOL

And, I tag Lisa (if she'll come out ofher self imposed blog exile LOL) and Christina!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Day Two of "OMgoodness how cold is it?"

Yes, it is ZERO. POINT. FOUR. this morning! Brrrrr! But, church isn't cancelled so I'm off to make breakfast while Da Hubby snowblows the driveway. A blessed day to all! Praise Him "actively" to keep warm! LOL

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Why We Are NOT Going Outside Today

Yes, that says EIGHT. POINT. THREE degrees outside! And, the snow is coming down and blowing around again! So, other than a quick trip for immediately needed supplies at the grocery store, it'll be a snuggly day at home...well, once Da Hubby gets in from snow-blowing! Have I mentioned how little this recent snow has affected me due to his wonderful, selfless hours of shoveling the roof and snow-blowing our driveway and walks along with THREE of our neighbors!? *sigh* How I love that man!

(Update: we, of course, instead spent from noon until 7pm out and about. The Vikings stayed at Grandma's and Papa's for most of it but we got lots done! LOL Since no one was out at the stores! *wink*)

Friday, February 2, 2007

A Day I Love Being A Mom...

Getting cabin fever here. Had a couple days of high winds but no real snow. But, we're expecting another front to come through and dump another several inches this weekend. So, I scheduled a trip to our local fire station for today for the Vikings and a friend. The friend came down with the flu but the Vikings and I went. Just got home...

Thursday, February 1, 2007

"I Am From" - Contest from Owlhaven

(Since I'm on a contest "bender", there's another one I'd like to enter. Owlhaven is running a creative writing contest with the prompt "I Am From..." She has three prizes: one for her "I Am From..." prompt; one for her "I Am..." prompt, and one for the person who refers the most commentors to her site. Soooooo...this post is linked to her contest but should you go there to check out my competition (LOL), please consider leaving a comment that says something like "Beth from Two Little Vikings sent me"! Wish me luck!)

I am the baby born in the city Henry Ford built to high school sweethearts whose marriage didn’t last and who remembers peeking out from under squinty-closed eyelashes to “fake” sleeping while waiting for goodnight kisses from my daddy.

I am the child who played curb ball, flashlight tag, and Frisbee. Who loved swimming and riding my bicycle with no hands. Who dreamed of living in a big city, maybe downtown Detroit or New York City? And never thought she would marry or be a mother.

I am the teenager who was internally fearful and seeking approval while externally appearing outgoing and confident. Who wore eyeliner heated with a lighter and iridescent blue eye shadow and loved chocolate milk shakes and Fritos for school lunch and hated having teachers roll their eyes at my ADD self while still getting A’s and B’s. Who found herself in the ER to have rocks, pebbles, and debris plucked from the tops of my feet from an impulsive, botched “Tarzan swing” attempt on a rope over a lake that ended abruptly in the gravel at the shoreline. And then started dating the guy who had carried me a mile back to car. Who dreamed of getting out of the town I grew up in. And knew I would eventually find someone who “got” me.

I am the woman who made awful decisions in and after college despite just wanting to be “good”, loved, and understood. Who now loves being in church, being with my husband and kids, and being outdoors.

I am the mother who loves blowing raspberries on my kids naked bellies and necks to make them laugh. And goes crazy if I have to listen to them fight. And whose moments of perfect bliss come when the oldest says “I love you Mommy” unsolicited and the little one leans in and gives me those big open-mouth baby kisses.

I am the former video/audio production intern, the former 911 dispatcher, the former public safety officer, and currently-temporarily-retired language arts teacher who loves the “aha” moments in students, teaching Shakespeare, and acting silly while opening young minds to poetry and grammar. Who avoids paperwork and grading homework like a root canal. And who is not sure I’ll ever teach in a traditional classroom again.

I am the woman who is blessed to have a friend of 30-plus years who I’d paid to not talk about me but thankfully don’t have to (LOL). And I'm the woman who wants to be courageous for my Savior, myself, and my daughter. And who longs to be a godly woman and wife.

I am the person who still feels desperately inadequate and unworthy in the sight of God. And still needs to fully, mindfully accept His forgiveness for my sins. I am the woman who still loves reading and music but never seems to find much time for either. Who still longs to learn a better sense of priorities and balance.

I am the person who dreams of grown, happy, healthy, saved children. And heaven. And is grateful for salvation.

A sincere request...

I would like to enter Everyday Mommy's recent contest but I have to be nominated (I'm assuming by someone other than myself! LOL). I'm wondering if I could post a few links to archived posts to see if (one) ANY are worthy of her "blog award for writing excellence" and (two) if anyone who reads them feels that they DO meet that criteria, if he/she would consider nominating me. *blush* Is that too much transparent, self-serving behavior for any one day? LOL

This one perhaps for the humor category?

Or, this one for the motherhood category?

Or, lastly, this one for the faith category?

What say you - my bloggy friends and mentors?