Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 09 14 Transition to Fall

I don't handle change very well! LOL My kids have taught me flexibility but changes in my schedule tend to throw me for a while until I'm able to regroup. So I've been on "survival mode" and my blog entries have suffered. So my apologies to those of my blog-friends I've "ignored" the last few weeks.

First - the kids are fine. Amazingly big. Incredibly beautiful. Astonishingly brilliant. (I'm a little partial, can ya tell?) My girl stuns me every day with all she's learning and picking up in her daily adventures. My boy is becoming mobile and can miraculously charm any stranger with his easy-going, smiling, flirting self.

Da Hubby's 7-day trip to Minnesota went well. He came home fairly well rested (the drive home was a pain) plus we got three days of lying around the house playing, talking, snuggling, and eating together.

My college course has started. Luckily, it's a study-at-home course where I go to the campus every 4 weeks for a unit test so I can schedule "study time" whenever the kids' and my schedule allow. And, after meeting with the dean of the Bible college where I'm now on staff, we agreed that I would teach the "teaching tactics" portion of their current class about preaching and teaching. I will be doing that once a week through October and part of November.

So, I'm busy with those things as well as all things that keep this house running plus I'm also in the midst of planning Pastor Appreciation Month activities for October! Oh, and as of my most recent weight loss meeting last Monday, I've lost a total of 19 pounds! Nothing like jumping in with both feet into the deep end! LOL

Had a random "ah-ha" moment last Saturday I wanted to share...Da Hubby and I attended our church's leadership meeting at our pastors' request. Da Hubby is sharing praise and worship duties while I started at the Bible school. As part of Pastor Don’s teaching on building relationship between leadership and those we guide, he had us do an activity to illustrate how we need to take time and become open and interested in learning the small details about each other. He sent us around to find two people who we don’t already know a lot about and ask them one question: “what are you passionate about"?

As I scrambled to think of what I would answer should someone ask, I made my way across the room to find someone to talk to. I stunned myself with my first-impulse answer: homemaking. After getting married at 33 yrs old and 15 yrs of single career life, I’m entirely focused and obsessed with homemaking! LOL Who’da’ve thunk? Following God’s plan (finally) has brought me to a place right now where I’m completely comfortable (OK, mostly comfortable) with putting aside all my experiences, training, and career desires to follow His “nudge” into my new stay-at-home-mom life.

Well, I hear my big girl trying to climb into the crib with the I'm off to referee another day of toddler-baby big time wrestling! God blessings to you all!

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