Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 04 21 A Maggie Inspired Entry

One of Maggie's at recent posts made me think about churches, denominations, and local Bodies. I have not be an active believer for long but I’m not sure I understand those that don’t chose to be part of a local Body. Hmmm…

First, let me say, I COMPLETELY support the decisions Maggie’s making in terms of her ministries and her prayerful decisions on how to run her home. This is NOT directed at her but just my wonderings (a “bunny trail of thought”, as Da Hubby calls it)…especially since I have family that questions my faith and tells me that they don’t need to go to church, pray, or read the Bible because they’re basically good people who try to follow the 10 Commandments and that God will give mercy to get into Heaven for trying to live a good life.

That being said…my church family is more my family than my own biological one. I’m painfully aware from past experiences that churches and their congregations and leadership are not perfect. One is not necessarily less dysfunctional than the other. But, ours knows more about what is going on with me, my husband, my kids, and our respective Walks with the Lord than anyone. When something happens, our church family often makes their way to us before our biological family can. As we celebrate our daily joys, glories, and discoveries, it is our church family that often cheers for us or cheers us on.

I’m thinking God made us to be social creatures who not only seek His company but the company of others to share our joys and burdens, to take care of each other in this borrowed home of ours on Earth. And, why would the Bible discuss tithing if not to do it with a local Body. Why talk about submitting under leadership if you’re not learning and growing under a pastor or other guidance?

I can’t think of anywhere in Scripture where we are encouraged to remain outside a Body, disconnected from a Vine. Philippians 2:12 where it says “to work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” but my references say that means only unless we do our part, Christ can not save us.

Maggie and those of you who have chosen to not become part of a local Body, can you share your thoughts, decision making, revelations that helped you to make your choice so I can understand it better? I’d really appreciate it.

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