Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Week After Thanksgiving

I didn't mean for this to take so long but, after bugging Kari over at Healed Waters about how her "Thirty Days of Thanksgiving" adventures went, I figured it was time to blog about my experience.

I took up Kari's challenge but I started on October 24th with writing one note per day, seven days a week. I made up a card in MS Publisher using Kari's graphic (giving her credit, of course, as well as the link to Healed Waters) that I "snail mailed" to the majority of the people I chose but also used the Dayspring e-card site for several as well.

Among others, I sent notes to some church family, my pastors, my three oldest friends, a couple of my MSN message board buddies (fellow moms who struggled with infertility), some blog friends, my parents, and my mail and newspaper carriers.

To be entirely honest, I fell two sort by the end. But, of the 28 I completed, I received some kind of feedback from about 10 folks. Not that this was the point but I felt it was a good gauge that I was making a small difference to these few folks and that Kari's idea was an awesome one to begin with! LOL Mostly, it just felt good to slather some love on some of my favorite people. And, I apparently made my mother-in-law cry...well, not intentionally! LOL

My biggest testimony about this, however, is that I sent three cards to family members that I'm currently somewhat estranged from and each one responded with being very open and positive about the unsolicited contact from me. I'm hoping these notes are a crack in the door to some restoration between me and each of them.

So, it'll be something I will do each year. I've already put the reminder in my Palm for next October to get prepared. Ultimately, I want to thank Kari's obedience for following God's call to write about this desire of her heart. Because of it, I've taken the first few steps down a (hopefully) long road of healing with three very important people.

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shortybear said...

Bless you sweety for reaching out to others with love and kindness. May you be blessed, as you have blessed.