Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 21 Just some good old fashioned braggin'

Been having a good momma week. More fun and fewer battles with my budding-independent-nearly-7-month-old son and my two-going-on-moody-teenager daughter. We've been to the park, to a "Brown Bag" concert for kids, horse carriage rides, and to the local Dairy Queen yesterday (a challenge to my diet I must say!LOL) to romp on the inside playscape since it was raining. Feeling particualry grateful also due to the prayer needs of Sara, Kristie's friend, and Denise. Our miscarriage, infertility struggles, and our subsequent dependence on God have changed and molded us in ways we can't even describe. Just wanted to share a few a pictures as a way to praise God for His faithfulness and to testify that miracles happen...

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