Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 07 18 DIET is a Four Lettered Word

Well, I’ve stayed within my calorie/points goals for two whole days! LOL It’s actually been rewarding already to see that I’m doing better and I’m (almost) looking forward to weighing in next Monday.

I’m part of a weight loss ministry through my church called S*** H***** Lites. It’s kinda of a “mutt” program using some Weight Watchers and some other theories while providing the accountability for weighing in and such, the encouragement/fellowship of others, plus we get a weight-loss/temple-clean-up devotion each week!

I’m struggling with trying to include exercise in my day with both kids still. Thought about using a tape/DVD and including my oldest. Considered doing something during naptime but getting a 6 month old and a 28 month old down at the same time for any length of time is still one of God’s many miracles! LOL We’ve walked a lot but the recent heat wave has put a bit of a damper on that. And, we have so much fun doing our regular activities – grocery shopping, going to play group, having an occasional “mick-nic” as Viking #1 calls it that I feel like I would have to “trade” one of those activities for exercise.

I have so many bad eating and self-care habits to break. Emotional eating to deal with stress, anxiety and depression are at the top of the list. Being “big boned” with a mom who was a twig and never had to worry (much less teach to her daughter) about eating well has been a problem. Finding an exercise I enjoy has always been a struggle. And, once I did, not being able to find it here locally after my last move.

But, as God has opened doors to other opportunities, I’m sure things will align for me to take some action with this as well. Lord, help me to value this temple you have provided as much as You do. Guide me through these lifestyle changes and protect me from those things that increase my “food temptations”. Show me how to count on You more in all things. Amen.

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