Thursday, November 23, 2006

2006 11 08 A New Bible?

Being resistant to change, I haven't been willing to give up my current Bible since it was given to me in 1988 when I returned back to church. It's NIV which was fine but I'm starting to have some concerns about some things I've noticed missing or different in NIV from KJV or NKJV which our pastor uses for sermons/messages/teachings.

Plus, my current Bible is a bit of a snapshot to my spiritual journey back into God's light since I started a habit of putting dates by passages that were meaningful to me at that point in time. It's amazing to see "1989" next to a passage with a note about what I was struggling with at that time as a re-new-ed believer. To see other passages marked "1998" as I was still single at 30+ yrs old trying to live right. To see the passages marked as possible wedding Scriptures from 2000. And, the transformation to a married, stay-at-home mother of two in 2006.

But, I'm itching for a new start, a clean page, a fresh reading of the Word. I'm feeling like that part of my "old life" needs to be put aside, released, put behind me, to start fresh. Also, my NIV Bible was published by Concordia Publishing and has a Lutheran "tilt" to it. But, I'm no longer part of that organization so I'm looking for something that fits my new Pentecostal instruction better.

So, I'm looking for recommendations. A women's Bible? Something NKJV? Amplied translation? A study bible verus a "plain" one? Anyone have any ideas? I'd like something with lots of room for notes in the margins, some references and/or commentary, and a concordance of some sort. Never had a soft cover - that might be a nice change.

Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

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