Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 06 26 Water Inspired

Have you ever noticed that witnessing a baptism often feels like a renewal of your own baptism?

I felt this way when I was in a traditional mainline church that believed in baby baptism. Often during the ceremony in front of the whole congregation, we spoke the same words in place of the baby being baptized, its parents, and its godparents/sponsors. This feeling is that and so much more so now that we are part in a church with an adult baptism tradition. We are blessed to live about a half hour walk from Lake Michigan. And, doubly blessed that our church chooses to do some of their baptisms in it!

How moving is it to hear as they stand in this great lake before God, His creation, the pastor, and all of our church family, someone testify of all God has brought them through - backsliding, a spouse's death, a nervous breakdown just to name a few from last night's service - before being submerged and arising as a new creation in Christ?!

I am so grateful to a family who followed their tradition to baptize me with water when I was 6 weeks old. And, God bless the pastor who lead to my adult baptism nearly four years ago in a church member's pool. But, how magnificent to honor those moments be being present for those doing it for the first time again and again!

Feeling renewed, encouraged, and grateful today. Thank you Lord for washing me clean spiritually! Amen!

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