Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 08 11 More Faith Like a Child

My goofy kid...she was shaking her head telling Da Daddy "no more" when she was done eating one night last week. She was laughin' her socks off as Daddy made her giggle even more. Shaking her head "no" turned into a full force, hair raising gigglefest.

As I look at that picture today, it makes me wonder where our joy in the Lord is hiding sometimes. Faith in Him should bring out our inner joy and peace and create a hair-raising gigglefest of worship thanking him for all He's done for us. How do we connect with that thankfulness, that faith, that ferocious joy on a daily basis??? How do we stay "present" in our lives, watchful for all the good things He's blessed and is caring for around us?

Lord, please help me to see You in the everyday. Help me to find that joy and peace exhibited by my children. Cleanse me of any thing holding me back from a hair-raising gigglefest of praise for You.

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