Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 08 14 Praise God

God is good! All the time! All the time! God is good!

I posted about two weeks ago about needing a way out of a situation where I lose my state teaching credentials. I am one class and/or three credits short from a renewal that will take me until the kids are in school. The first option provided was a lengthy graduate level class with multiple commitments, the need for child care, possible travel to another city, and a $1400 price tag.

However, after two hours of rig-a-ma-role of dragging both kids in the double stroller between the two campuses (they're on the same property), the problems were solved!
Having to deal with LONG back-to-school lines...there were none.

Having to drive a 2 hr round trip to get "guest student status" approval from my main campus...waived!

Didn't have any of my paperwork with me (no school ID, transcripts, nothing!) problem! The counselor accept my half-completed application and told me to fax her my info when I got home!

Child care? Won't need it! It's a videotaped class. I buy the book and rent the tapes to watch at home. I only have to go to campus 4 times to take tests!

Having to drive out-of-town weekly for class? Nope! The local campus is 10 minutes from home.

Instead of owing $1400 to the big university I attend, the community college's total bill? $330!

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