Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 06 18 Another change

Be careful what you ask for - you might just get it! Or be careful what you pray for...
It's funny how God decides to resolve a problem! LOL Back in April, I was talking about and praying about what might be coming next in my life after so many changes in the last few years. One thing that I figured would remain constant would be teaching.

I swore I’d never be a teacher. I come from a family of teachers. And, before I learned about God, His gifts to me and using them to His glory, I swore I would do ANYTHING but teach just so I could be different. So I spent nearly 8 years after high school trying every other thing that sounded interesting. Eventually, I started thinking back to what I really enjoyed and what I’d really like to do with my life and ended up back in school to be certified to teach. I graduated from that program when I was 26. I had had 3 careers before I was 30! Looking back, my teaching really defined me in my mind most.

Then, as I’ve explained before, I met my husband and my life did a 180! LOL Everything in my life underwent a major and immediate overhaul. In the six years, I transformed into a stay at home wife, then a stay at home mom of one, then two beautiful little Vikings. Changed faiths to a Pentecostal congregation and grew exponentially under the direction, guidance, and shepherding of two amazing pastors. However, during this time, my school teaching was put on hold. To feed my need, I taught adult Sunday school at my church – one session on “The Bait of Satan” by John Bevere and “Too Busy Not To Pray” by Bill Hybels.

I always assumed I would keep my certification current. We were (and still are) kicking around homeschooling. I figured my certification would help with that. And, if the kids did go to an out-of-the-home school situation, I could always go back to work. Plus, what if something happened to Da Hubby? Lay off? Injury? Worse? I needed something to fall back on to support the kids. I thought my certification expired in June 2007. I’d been putting off checking because I was so sure.

In the meantime, the middle of last month, our church’s Bible school president presented completion certificates before a morning service for those students who finished another semester’s worth of classes. Afterwards, I stopped to talk to the president to ask her how her week had gone and to ask if she was glad this semester was over. As we chatted, I mentioned how much I missed teaching. She then explained that she had been praying for God to send her more people with teaching training and experience to expand the staff. She asked if I would prayerfully consider joining her instructional staff!

I was so flattered, promised I would talk to Da Hubby about it, pray about it, and would get back to her. I wanted to double check my certification expiration date so that I wouldn’t get over-obligated trying to teach for her while trying to complete a grad school class while balancing the two kids. So, the other day while digging through the final boxes before our garage sale this past weekend, I stumbled onto my files for my grad school work and credentials. I was stunned to discover my certification expired in less than two weeks.

I was devastated. I am a “teacher” but who would hire me now? What kind of job could I get now? What if something happened and Da Hubby went home to Heaven? I needed to be able to support the kids. I overcame huge obstacles to complete that certification. I was distraught at the thought of losing it. Maybe the offer to teach at the Bible school was an indication it is time to let the certification (my last connection to my pre-saved, pre-married life) go and let God take the wheel, so to speak.

I momentarily fell apart and a huge hormonal crying fit in the driveway (Da Hubby was out cleaning the garage for the garage sale) as soon as I put the kids to bed. Well, another advantage to being saved, these moments of crisis don’t often last long because He puts everything in perspective. I not a “teacher” only – I’m a child of God first!

The next day I called the university and spoke with the women in charge of certification. I had prayed that there was some unknown or unheard of secret clause in the State of Michigan “teacher code” that would allow a loophole for a teacher basically on “maternity leave” for a few years. Well, I got one. Long phone call short? My certificate will “go to sleep” (that’s an odd choice of phrasing, if you ask me! LOL) while I have either summer or fall term to get one more class. That will put me at 15 grad credits, which is enough to apply for my professional certification. Yippee!

Meanwhile, I still need to make a decision about the request to teach at Bible school. Thus, the request for prayer in my last post. I haven’t felt a leading one way or another yet. Maybe I need to follow through with checking into finishing that three credits of grad work first. As usual, waiting on God’s timing, grace, and wisdom. So, I will let you all know how it turns out. I’m hoping that things will transpire so I can give the school’s president an answer this week so she can begin to prepare for fall term. So, again, I ask for prayer for wisdom, discernment, and guidance. This started with a prayer for God to reveal what’s next in His plan for me. I was out of His will for so long, I don’t want to do it again. So, I want to “end” it relying on prayer as well.

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