Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 09 12 Update on us...

In no particular order...

First, thanks to those of you who emailed and left messages asking about Viking #1's eye. We ended up back at the pediatrician's that afternoon when she woke up from her nap with it significantly worse. The doc added doses of Benedryl to the medication schedule with the antibiotics and that seemed to do the trick. Within 2-3 days, all she had left was a "shiner" which has now disappeared entirely. Still not positive what caused it but, once the swelling receded a bit, we found a pin-prick-sized scab which may indicate that it really was a bug bite "gone wrong".

Also, remember the first test I took for my class? I got 99 out of 100! LOL

On the potty training front - my toddler is doing really well with part of it but is still having a "solids" problem, if ya know what I mean. So, she's either holding it and "saving" it for her overnight diaper or going in her new underpants. She seems to have a "block" about doing that part of her business on the pot. So, we're trying some additional techniques and praying that works.

My mom's visit was a disaster. Da Hubby was so enraged by her behavior while in our home that he wants them to cancel the reservations they've made for another visit at the end of the month or he's threatening to get a hotel room himself so as to be out of the house. *sigh*
Everyone's colds seem to have passed. The baby had another over the weekend (that's three in five weeks) but my big girl seems to have missed that one - maybe due to the antibiotics from her eye? Regardless, I'll take the grace where I can get it! LOL

Also, have been doing research into our local MOPS program. Thinking about joining. Anyone have any experience with that organization?

Also - it's SNOWING here this morning!! Arg! I was SO in denial but FINALLY a weather forecast in Michigan was accurate! LOL So, I'll be off to the second hand stores the next day or two to find my big girl a new coast, bibs, mittens, and boots and the baby a warmer winter coat.

With all that is going on, it's been hard to keep focused on the higher things but doing what I can to make time for Him before all else. It's going better some days than others.
And, of course, I couldn't let the opportunity to share some pics of the kids pass...last Saturday, Da Hubby jumped outta bed around 6:30am to go take pics down at Lake Michigan of the moon setting. At 7:30am he calls and wants to know if the kids are up. LOL There's a freighter pulling out and he wants Viking #1 to see it. Da Hubby was so cute and excited plus the kids had gone to bed early so #2 was already up, I woke up #1, left 'em in PJs but threw some warm clothes on them, packed 'em up in the van and drove the mile down to the beach. Along with the moon set pics, he took these of the kids and me.

That's the last week for us (LOL) Not busy at all! Hope everyone here is doing well. Miss chatting with you all. Also, anyone else doing ADDMama's "Thirty Days of Thanksgiving" ? I got my list done this morning and will hopefully be out to get supplies today!

God's blessings!

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