Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 04 27 Looking Down From Heaven?

"Da Hubby", the kids and I attended a funeral yesterday. A 27 year old, 2-years-since-saved-and-delivered-from-drug-addiction, father of four who played drums for my hubby on the praise and worship team died suddenly this past weekend in a motorcycle accident. While losing someone at any age is so sad (we've lost a brother-in-law, uncle, and grandma in the last year and half as well), why does it seem "sadder" when the person is so young? *sigh*

Anyway, this man's mom got up at the funeral and spoke about her son. Can't imagine - it had to be by God's strength. I'd be a mess. Yet, she described the peace God's given her and that her son is looking down from Heaven on all of us, his wife, his kids, etc. She told the men in the audience who will be running this man's house framing business that whenever they have a question or problem to look up and Jason will tell them what to do. This got Da Hubby and I into a conversation later on the way home...

While we are both believers, we don't know if it is Biblical that those that have gone on to Heaven can "see" those of us that are left behind here on Earth. Do those that have passed have that type of an ability? While we'll all be united at Jesus' return, is it Biblical to believe that those who've already finished their Race are watching over us? Can anyone give me any Scripture reference on this topic?

Hugging my kids a little longer today...

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