Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What do you think? *cough, cough* (updated)

Look at this poor, pitiful face! LOL

A cold?
Ear Infection?
Why are all the symptoms the same??? Grrr.

Flicka has a runny nose.
Momma's got a sore throat.
I'm betting on a cold but not taking any chances due to Pojke's procedure last month.
We're off to the ped's office this morning. *sigh*

On day two from the land of "booger rags" and antihistamines, wish us luck! *wink*

Update: we're home...both of us have scripts for antibiotics.
Diagnosis: strep throat
Instructions from my doc?
Don't leave the house for 24 hours since we're contagious.
Pray that Flicka doesn't come home feeling icky from Grandma's today.


Lisa said...

Poor baby!! Hope that he feels better very soon! (And Momma too!) No fun!!


Dapoppins said...

ARG! Step. ICK! feelin sorry for you.

Unashamed said...

Poor little man. I hope you ALL feel better soon. Stupid rotten strep.

Debbie said...

Awww....I'm so sorry. I know it's awful to get the tubes and now STREP!! Praying for you all.

Lisa said...

Strep!! Ick!! Get well soon!!