Monday, July 30, 2007

Passing the Blessing Along

Last Thursday, Anita made my week by acknowledging me with this:

Now, while she mentioned something about me an encourager, I wasn't sure if I in turn was to honor someone who I felt was the contemplative-type of thoughtful or the considerate-type of thoughtful so I figured I'd have one of both! LOL

I checked both of these ladies' blogs and didn't see this banner displayed anywhere so (for once) I may be the first person to acknowledge them but here are my two:

While Laurel could qualify in either category, especially since she takes time to make sure I know she's thinking about and praying for me, she is especially good in the contemplative-thoughtfulness category. I admire how she sees God, His glory, His blessings, His creation, and His message for her all around her on a daily basis. I desire to be that "in the moment" and aware of His presence on a minute-by-minute basis.

And, GiBee,...well, she is the considerate-thoughtfulness type to a "T". And, while she loves her Lord, isn't afraid to shout it out, and will defend Him to the end, she is considerate and concerned enough to follow up, clarify, and minister to those she thinks she may have irked, offended, or been misunderstood by. And, she does it all in a Christ-like way. Another trait I desire for myself.

These ladies bless my bloggy-side of life and have me hoping that I can also bring these good qualities of theirs into my daily non-bloggy life as well!


Laurel Wreath said...

Oh wow what an awesome thing to read first thing in the morning, girl you began my day with a huge blessing. Thank you so much!!!

GiBee said...

Thank you! This is quite an honor and blessing, my friend!!!