Monday, July 9, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

Ever since I saw Kelly lovingly showing off her "babies" and their examples of passing the torch, I've been anxious to find examples of my Vikings starting to show some sort of indication that they are listening and watching DaHubby and I too! LOL

But, I had been SO looking, I often missed the unintended, caught-in-the-moment this one:

That my 18 month old! Who R-U-N-S from wherever he is in the house to the dishwasher when he hears it open to hand me each bowl and plate!

Thanks Kelly for making me pay attention but also teaching me not to pay SO much attention and just appreciate my babies!

Go see what Kelly's listed for her PTT post today as well as others who are participating!


Kelly - PTT said...

This is so great - what a perfect example of a child doing what they so naturally want to do! They really want to be "mini-you's". Great capture of passing the torch - thanks for joining us again today!

Tarrah said...

What a great little helper you have there! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you DO come again :). Your children are beautiful and I will be back again also.