Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Small Praise Report

Back when we had revival a few weeks ago, at one point, the evangelist prayed over Pojke who at that point was suffering with yet another ear infection. Our pediatrician had said that if this happened again before Pojke was 18 months old (in July) that we would have to consider surgery for tubes. The evangelist laid hands on Pojke, prayed over him, and said Pojke would not need the surgery.

Well, a month later, here we are. I took Pojke in today for a follow-up. While he is infection-free (praise God!), there is still standing water behind his eardrum. And, when tested, his eardrum is not vibrating the way it should...which might partially explain why Pojke is starting to get close to falling behind the "average" of the number of words he should be speaking at this point.

But, the evangelist was right! My baby Viking still will not require standard, general-anesthetic surgery. Praise God! There is a relatively new alternative.

So, next Tuesday, Pojke will undergo a
laser-assisted myringotomy. In basic terms, they will use a local anesthetic on a fancy Q-tip to numb Pojke's ear drums. Then, after strapping him to a "papoose board" (which ought to be LOADS of fun!), they will use a laser for 1/5 of a sec to make a 1-2 mm hole in his eardrum which immediately release any pressure/discomfort he's been feeling, which will drain the remaining fluid and give bacteria no place to breed, which could immediately improve Pojke's ability to form words, and which will heal in 2-4 weeks. The eardrum heals over SO well, most puncture sites cannot be found even under microscope. And, there is a 70% chance Pojke will not get another ear infection after this. Other than eardrops and some Tylenol, we'll walk out of the office 10 minutes later.

Praise God for this opportunity! But, as you can imagine, we have some concerns about "them shooting a laser into your son's head" as one of the very blunt mommies I know said to me this afternoon. LOL So, if you could say a prayer for Pojke, his doctor, and for us - that everything goes according to His will and according to His plan, we would really appreciate it.

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