Saturday, July 28, 2007

It's been nearly a month but...'s been one of those things I keep meaning to get to but haven't. I'm usually better about thank you notes and the like...I swear!

As part of the 5 Minutes For Mom Fourth of July giveaway, I was the winner of a nifty new t-shirt from "Living the Dream." I thought the shirts were funny and cute and a little sarcastic - which completely won me over! LOL

So, can I say...I LOVE the shirts! Yes, that's "shirts" as in multiple singles! LOL

Well, first, I had to pick out which of the six pictures on wanted. It was a toss-up: I *really* liked the laundry and mini-van ones. DaHubby thought I should get the referee one! LOL I ended up choosing the mini-van one.

Then, the choice of color. Being a bit of a tomboy, I asked them if the mini-van shirt was available in something other than shades of pink and pastels! They were awesome about my request and suggested one in coral. By the time I got a chance to email them back saying I'd take a blue one, they had already sent out the coral one.

But, the price was right so I didn't complain but then they sent me the blue shirt too!

How's THAT for customer service!?

Anyway, within a week, I was the happy owner of TWO Living The Dream shirts. And, can I say something else? I've worn them everywhere! I'm trying to drum up business for them wherever I go! LOL And, I normally do laundry on Mondays and Fridays and those two shirts are the first ones I grab on Tuesday and Saturday! (And, it's the one I'm wearing in that pic at the top of my right column...although you can't see it entirely.)

So, a big THANK YOU to Living the Dream! And, to 5 Minutes for Mom! I'm very, very, very happy with my prize!

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Dapoppins said...

Oh, you won something. I love it when that happens. I had to see what you were talking about. Those shirts are really cute! They gave me a chuckle too!