Monday, July 16, 2007

A "Read Together" Review

Jennifer at Snapshot started a summer read-together-with-your kids program about 2 weeks ago. She is focusing on ages 6 and up but Flicka and I joined in anyway! LOL Jennifer also asked that we post reviews of the books we read so here's our first!

Flicka and I read through
The Treasure Tree by Gary Smalley and John Trent. This was our first "chapter" book! And, we read it for this challenge as well as part of our local library's summer reading program which includes ages 18 months up to soon-to-be 8th graders. Many thanks to our wonderful library for carrying this book - since it would appear that we will be getting our own copy ASAP! LOL

We read a chapter at night before bed. This book is supposed to be for ages 4 to 8. This might explain why Flicka (at 3 yrs old) initially had a tough time with the transition from the one-whole-story-in-one-sitting thing to a one-chapter-then-we'll-see-what-happens-tomorrow-night structure.

The book has a basic premise: four best firend are sent on a "quest". If I remember correctly (the book's already been returned to the library), there are 6 chapters: the introduction of the plot and four main characters (a lion, beaver, golder retriever, and otter), then a chapter focused on each character and the challenge they face, and then the conclusion.

I cannot say enough about this book in terms of the spirit in which it was written. A parent could do SO much with it! But, the best things it focuses on are the lessons about working together to achieve a goal and understanding the unique personalities and/or gifts God has given us.

Many of the reviews I read said that their older children immediately recognized themselves in one of the characters. Apparently, this book's character types are drawn closely to the
Myers-Briggs personality test. And, while I never realized the name for this test, I remember working on Lutheran school staff where we took a "quiz" and found out what type of animal we were.

And, I found resources online that suggest that the four animal characters also can relate to four Bible believers and their different styles: lion (Paul), otter (Peter), golden retriever (Moses), and beaver (Timothy)...another teaching opportunity in this book!

Anyway, Flicka never seemed to grab the whole bigger concept but definitely liked the story. She talked about it each day and asked for each new chapter every night. Definitely a plus! LOL

And, I found out afterwards that there is
a sequel that we'd like to pick up as well.

All in all, I would definitely recommend this book...even if you start it a little early as we did. I'm hoping Flicka will "grow" into it and that Pojke will appreciate it as well! I don't know what we'll readnext - yet! But, we're due for a library run on Wednesday and I'm hoping to find something then.

If you are interested in what other folks have read, check
this post for reviews. And, if you are interested in jumping on board, here is Jennifer starting post!


Peach said...

This is one of our favorites. Glad y'all enjoyed it!

Jennifer, Snapshot said...

What a great review! I LOVE personality typing stuff. It sounds like I could read this aloud to Amanda (8) certainly, but maybe 3yo Kyle would sit through some as well.


Unashamed said...

So, what kind of animal are you??

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Anita- I honestly don't remember! LOL I'm thinking Otter would make sense though! LOL