Monday, July 2, 2007

It's Like Jerry Springer!

Not that I would know. I've never actually WATCHED that show but it seems like it has become the accepted phrase to indicate letting all your funky dirty laundry hang out in public! LOL

Well, in the Springer tradition, Sarah has posted this terrifying cute
contest to proverbially let-it-all-hang-out. Sarah says:

You know the cliche: Honesty is the best policy. I read so many of your blogs and think my gosh, she has it all together. Sure there was that time she was out in public begging for "girly" products or when that other chick got her shirt so colorfully decorated by her son's vomit. But all in all, we bloggers tend to take advantage of the fact that we can pick and choose what we want to share about our lives. Don't get me wrong. I do love having that ability. But I want to challenge all of you to air your dirty laundry. What are you not on top of? What is the last thing in the world you would want your readers to know about you?

As someone who is still learning her housekeeping skills and struggles with organization constantly...losing things...on an everyday basis...clutter is usually my biggest embarrassment. And, while God blessed me with the bestest match ever in DaHubby, this is a challenge that we unfortunately share.

Busy as he is maintaining an absolutely AMAZING garden and building an entirely new porch ALONE in three days, sometimes the backyard falls into neglect. A lack of "daddy storage" doesn't help. Our former home (a one-bedroom bachelor bungalow where Flicka's nursery was a 6 X 10 back porch that DaHubby gutted, framed, wired, and drywalled) had a garage with more square footage than the house! LOL Now, DaHubby is squished into a one-car garage shop!

So, I give you....our most embarrassing area: our backyard!

The view up the driveway...notice the now-smaller pile of broken concrete near the fence and DaHubby's "shop". But, around the left corner...
Doesn't look too bad...yet! *wink* That funky porch/awning/blue door was put in by the previous owner. That blue door was her "customer entrance" for her home hair cutting business that she did in the back bedroom. That blue door's been sealed and the interior of that "reception" area is now Flicka's play room. The "regular" back door is to the left.
Our pile of miscellaneous "junk". Right outside my back door. *sigh* It depresses me every time I walk out the back door -which is a lot recently since DaHubby's got
the porch torn off the front of the house. There's just no place for our second stroller, lawnmower, lawn chairs, etc.
My "view" as I walk out the door. Any home improvement and/or shed company that would like DaHubby to try out a new (large) product...please email me immediately!

Anyway, go check out
Sarah's contest and see what else everyone is "letting hang out"!


Unashamed said...

Oh sweetie, that's nothing. I'll have to get a picture of our garage and post it. You wouldn't believe the crap we have in there. We've got a BOAT in there, for goodness sake!

Sharon said...

We have two big piles of busted up concrete on one side of our house. Hubby is slowly moving the pieces to line our walkway we made in the woods behind our house. The concrete has been there for about a year and a half.
Our basement was a huge embarrassment until we decided to tackle that project and threw away and gave away a lot of stuff.

Sarah said...

Thanks for joining in on the contest! I have to say I wish my husband could finish big projects in 3 days, it usually takes him about three months. He's a sweetie though...Anyway, thanks again for stopping by my blog. :)

UntrainedEye said...

Did you put SHED on the DIDO wish list?
DIDO = Double Income Double Offspring

Qtpies7 said...

I could join in this fun game of dirty laundry, but then my dirty laundry would be out there for everyone to see. And it is worse than everyone else's that I've seen so far, lol. I supposed I should pick a closet and snap a pic..... Maybe.

sara said...

that ain't nuthin! You really should see our basement and attic and garage. All full. We have only recently begun making any real progress in emptying out some of the junk that came with the house.

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

To DaHubby - LOL It's more like the STDI-AC-ABP-WLO (short term double income-after childcare-after bill paying-what's left over) list! *wink*