Sunday, July 15, 2007

Indication I can never leave home again...(LOL)

...because I had nearly EIGHTY posts to check on Bloglines after only being away 52 hours! *wink* Y'all just WRITE TOO MUCH! LOL

Seriously, we got home safe and sound last night around 6pm. Fun had by all. The kids were angels (until the ride home) despite unfamiliar environments and off-kilter schedules. Pics and stories to come.

DaHubby had intermittent cell service while he was canoeing 50+ miles so we knew he was doing fine as well. Unfortunately, the canoers woke up to a driving rain Saturday morning and, after a cold breakfast, they were paddling before 7am. Due to their early start, they pushed and pushed and ended up paddling 13 hours - a two day paddle! They arrived back at their origin point around 11pm and promptly drove home! LOL DaHubby crawled into bed around 3:15am.

So, with two bleary-eyed parents (Flicka woke me up twice before DaHubby got home and then Pojke was up at 6:30am), we are all about to walk out the door for church where no one is expecting to see us! LOL The kids got good sleep (kinda) so hopefully things will go smoothly.

Will catch everyone up later...blessings on everyone's day of rejoicing, praising, and worshipping in God's house wherever you are!

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