Monday, July 2, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday (a little early)

Hopping on board with Kelly for her Pass The Torch Tuesdays where she asks that we share "simple and stupendous times kids make us proud, as well as the ways we see adults passing the torch..."

DaHubby's "daddy heart" has been breaking since he's spent the last 4 days not being able to spend time with the Vikings. Due to arsenic in the treated wood, shattering concrete during demo, and the obvious "tools of danger" laying around (LOL), he and I agreed that I would keep the Vikings happy and occupied elsewhere.

So, here is how the Vikings solved the problem of missing their daddy tonight:

And, the object of their attention affection ?

Thanks for everything, babe. YOU ROCK! You are an awesome daddy and an even better hubby! XOXO

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Kelly - PTT said...

They are so lucky to have such a great Daddy! And what better PTT moment than this??

Fantastic - and your link worked. Thanks for joining us!