Thursday, July 5, 2007

On The Bluff...

Random thoughts from a tired brain...

Is there anything much better that sitting tens of feet above Lake Michigan watching fireworks bloom over
a local landmark? *sigh*

Despite being more than an hour past bedtimes, is there anything better than a little one's first fireworks? *sigh* "Momma heaven"

And, despite being tired from a late night and an early rise as DaHubby returned to work this morning, I was cell phone rang yesterday while I continued to entertain the Vikings away from DaHubby's ongoing construction project. He asked:

"Where ya' at?"

"On the bluff..."

Everyone around these parts - as is probably the case along many of the shores of the Great Lakes - often refers to this natural, awesome perch with the amazing view "the bluff". Ironically, this tall, steep hunk of dirt, sand, and clay is probably of the area's greatest tourist attractions! LOL

But, OH, the views it provides!

A land mass like this is often described as having "
a bold and nearly perpendicular front" and I'm smiling to myself this morning because I'm thinking of Sara's recent post and how this kind of bluff describes how we often feel as believers in a world that perhaps thinks we're fools!

How often do Christians feel at odds with popular culture? How often to we raise up things of "perpendicular" value like modesty, chastity, wisdom, simplicity, service, and honoring others before oneself? But, as believers, are we a BOLD perpendicular front? *wink*

And, how odd that by having one set of things that are valued...perpendicular to another set of apparently opposite things of value...forms a cross. How much do we need to see the things "opposite" to us to know of this Value we've found. And, how those unknowing of Christ need to see "opposite" things to discover their true Value.


Debbie said...

Your brain doesn't sound so "tired" to me..LOL...all those deep ponderings.....
I am getting somewhat "caught up" so come on over to my page....

Anne Bradshaw said...

I've been doing a blog wander today, relaxing after relaxing yesterday :-) It's been fun. Glad I found this one. I've been all around America in one afternoon.

I'm running a great contest on my blog, so come on over and take a peek.

Lady of Value said...

We didn't have any fireworks locally. The neighbors had a few "popper" kind. The pics were beautiful!