Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Odd Man Out

OK, I'm feeling like I'm really gonna rain on someone's parade! LOL Via BooMama's site, I got hooked up with this giveaway (yea, ANOTHER giveaway...but nearly as cool as THIS one or this one *wink*) and received this new CD Monday.

I must be SERIOUSLY outta the loop on Christian music since I had never heard of these guys (and apparently most of the Christan mommy bloggy world has) but I'm a former music fanatic so a free CD to review before it's actually released in September was all the "motivation" I needed! Kudos to the label and PR folks! This was an AWESOME idea to create buzz!

Anyway, I've listened to this CD 4-5 times since its arrival and I'd have to say (and my apologies to the 99 people who seemed to LOVE it)...I'm feeling, well, blah.

While it seemed well done, well played, and well sang, I feel like I had heard it all before. I kept thinking of bands and groups I knew that already sounded like this. Songs from Big Daddy Weave (minus the saxophone), Andrew Peterson, and Big Tent Revival kept coming to mind. And, I'm a nut about music with excellent complicated harmonies and this just didn't do it for me.

The songs' messages were fantastic, faith-filled, and fun but (again) nothing really "new" to excite me. While I'm glad I participated in such a cool concept and I encourage those who like the above artists to give it a try, this probably won't make the "Magic 6" CD's I keep in the mini-van's player that I listen to over and over!

Here's a link to a promo video with snippets of the best songs on the album...don't take my word for it. I'm 1 critic out of 100! LOL Check it out yourself!


Laurel Wreath said...

Well I think it is perfectly fine to agree to disagree. =))

That is why God made us all different, it would be borning if we all like the same things.


Debbie said...

Well, at least you made me feel better! :D
I didn't sign up for it because of the 50 comment stipulation, or something like that.....I think.*trying to remember*

I haven't ever heard of them either, but they have been wildly popular for the past few weeks anyway! :D

Ang said...

I hadn't heard of them either until I tried to *win* one of the cd's the other day (I was too late though). Now my curiosity is peaked! If you decide to chuck it give me a holler :) Have a fantabulous day :)