Wednesday, July 18, 2007

WFMW: Chicken Fat Removal Tip

(I'm gonna LOVE seeing what Google Search hits I get with THIS post title! LOL)

As a homemaking and cooking rookie a few years ago, I never know if sharing tips that have been given to me either show what a rookie I still am because "well, duh! everyone knows that" or if it's something that could be useful to someone else! LOL

So, at the risk of lookin' silly, here goes!

I often make chicken broth from "leftover" chicken dinners. At first, I'd get really frustrated the next morning using a spoon to try to get all the congealed fat off the top of the broth before putting it in freezer-friendly containers.

Then, someone told me about...wax paper! LOL

Cut a piece of wax paper to the approximate shape/size of the container that's going in your fridge overnight for the first cooling. The next morning - pull off the wax paper to which ALL the fat has stuck! Ta-da!

I've also forgot to put the wax paper on the night before but I've figured out that if I tear small strips of wax paper and lay 3 - 5 of them across the top in sequence, I still get about 80% of the fat out.

Less fat in my soups makes my waistline happier! Works for me!

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T with Honey said...

I've always put the broth in the fridge overnight but completely dislike pulling the hardened fat out the next day. I'll have to try the wax paper next time.

Unashamed said...

That's a great tip and one I've never heard of before

sara said...

i have never heard of this before. I make a lot of stock and will give this a try.

Dawn said...

I actually cook quite a bit and have never heard of this. I am definitely going to do this. Great tip.

Debbie said...

Great tip...I haven't heard of this either.

Check your email.....thanks.

Kelly - PTT said...

SMART!!! I love this!