Friday, July 27, 2007

How is it that...

...just when you are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and in serious need of collapsing into bed for several days something like this shows up on your radar? *wink* Apparently not only God has perfect timing! LOL So, who is this lady talkin' about?

" encourager, a true Barnabas. I know she's a busy lady, but she consistently makes time to visit her friend's blogs and leave them an encouraging comment. She is always honest but considerate of others..."

Apparently, that's Anita's description of me as a result of blessing me with the Thoughtful Blogger award. Who'da've thunk? LOL

And, as seems the case with other folks who have won similar awards, I roll my eyes to myself, blush, and think "wow, if she only knew!" LOL

This "discrepancy" we sometimes feel has been on my mind recently. I've been torn between Anita's feelings about the blogosphere here and Jules words about it here. Has my blogging experience made me a better person with greater faith, more hope, and more peace in my walk with Christ due to meeting others like me and who "get" me. Or, is blogging (like many things on the Internet) a "false front" that builds a sense of intimacy that is only an illusion?

I can only speak to my experiences - as rookie as they may be - and say I much more agree with Anita. While we as bloggers edit our thoughts and writings through our own biases, experiences, and filters, you still can't get more real and honest as some of the things my Faithprints alum and those I've met since arriving here at Blogger have shared.

Moments of doubt. Joys. Sorrows. Questions. Panics. Prayers. Health concerns. Loss of love ones. It doesn't get much more "real" than that. And, as a result, I feel like blogging has connected me more to "the Church".

Anyway, I said all that to say this: Anita's honor to me probably means more to me than any other acknowledgement I've received here. Knowing that I've been seen as an encourager, that I'm helping the Church in even a little way, that I'm trying to "walk the Walk" Christ has given me in His grace makes all the other "stuff" that tries to steal my attention and my joy from my love of Christ and my family dim in comparison!

Thanks, sweet Anita. I'm honored. And, once I get one more night of good sleep and a few hours peace of tandem Vikings naps, I'll gladly pass it along!

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Lisa said...

Congrats girlfriend! You deserve it!