Thursday, July 19, 2007

God's Fingerprints- part three

See part one and part two if interested...

Then, about 6 weeks ago one Sunday evening at service, I noticed a fellow Sister who was reaching the end of her pregnancy. She works at a clerical job at Whirlpool whose world headquarters are situated here locally. I felt impressed to go speak with her. I asked her if her maternity leave had been covered yet. She said no. Then, I suggested an offer: how about *I* work for her? Six to eight weeks of work would help out our family budget and she wouldn't have to worry about her position being "taken" when she got back since *I* didn't want it! LOL She seemed interested and suggested I send her a resume the next day.

So, I dusted off my most recent one, updated with as much new information as I could think of to justify my last 6 years out of the work force, and emailed it to her at work. She passed it along to Whirlpool's internal temp agency, Aerotek. For a variety of reasons, Whirlpool was not interested in taking me up on my offer but Aerotek DID call and suggest I finish the intake process.... just in case. But, the contact person said, "don't hold your breath though. We get openings that you are qualified for once in a blue moon. But, you never know."

I was a little confused and, to be honest, disappointed. I was "sure* God meant for me to make that offer but I put it on the back burners of my brain and moved on. I still had (too many) bills to pay.

Two weeks later, Aerotek called. They caught me trying to dump the kids in the pool one afternoon.

"Beth, you're never gonna believe must have been a blue moon! Youmust have someone looking out for you!"

I just laughed...if she only knew!

Aerotek had an opening that was right up my professional alley so to speak! LOL Was I interested in a temporary full-time contract?

In my head which has been muddled the last few years by too much kid-stuff and too little sleep, I couldn’t muster up enough brain cells to go into “interview” mode so I just continued to deal with the kids and I decided to be blunt, honest, and myself for a change! LOL What a concept!

Why did I quit working: “Because I waited a long time for the right guy to come along. And, once I found him and we got married, we wanted babies right away. Then, once we had babies, I wanted to stay home with them.”

Why did I want to go back to work: “well, I don’t really. But, there are some financial worries we could fix with some additional income.”

If Whirlpool offered me this job, would I take it: “well, I’d have to talk to my husband to make sure we’re on the same page with everything but, yes!”

And, on it went…

DaHubby and I talked and talked and talked that day, evening, and night. After that and discussion with other folks whose opinion we trust, we decided we’d go for it!

Within less than two days, I was sitting in Aerotek’s office

I had prayed in the parking lot before entering the building that morning, “please, Lord…I SO out of practice for this. You KNOW I’m bad at this. Who KNOWS what is gonna come out of my mouth sometimes! You are SO gonna have to talk through me because I just don’t know what to say.”

And, of course, He was right there with me through the WHOLE thing! LOL Intelligent, polite, knowledgeable words just spilled (in proper amounts with an appropriate level of enthusiasm) out of my mouth. I was stunned and, of course, pleased with every answer He gave me! If you don’t have ADD this may be a little hard to understand! LOL

About an hour later, at the end of the interview…”well, Beth, y’know Whirlpool gives me a checklist of the specific things it is looking for in a candidate. You have almost everyone of those things for this job.”

“Well, I’m a masochist…what DON’T I have?” I said laughingly and then thought “oh, crud! Don’t get her to focus on what you DON’T have, you dope!”

Luckily, she laughed and said, “just the technical experience but they realize that’s something that’s teachable and trainable.”

“You know, Beth, with your background and experience, I have no problem asking Whirlpool for the highest hourly amount they’re offering.”

God’s fingerprints were all over that whole morning…


Unashamed said...

I've been following along with your story here, with breath held, *chuckle* waiting patiently to hear the outcome. And oddly enough, I already KNOW the outcome: whatever happens you are in His hands. What a wonderful place to be!

Beth/Mom2TwoVikings said...

Thanks, Anita. I know I ramble but I guess I wanted everyone to see how God's been in it since the beginning.

Doing it in "parts" is just easier on my brain and easier with the kids only giving me about 20 minutes of uniterrupted computer time at a time. LOL

And, I feel the same way waiting for the phone to ring...STILL! No need to be's all in His hands!

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing all the great details with us!!